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Amazon reportedly gets closer to automating Whole Foods stores

By Business Insider

Amazon is reportedly integrating its Amazon Go technology into bigger stores. That sets the stage for the future of retail to arrive at Whole FoodsRead full story


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  • Groom Dinkneh
    Groom DinknehVP, Business Development at GoLocker

    When click and collect meets grab and go. Everything will move much faster when Amazon GO and Whole Foods combine. It’s the ripple effect that will hurt more smaller grocers that can’t keep up.

  • When payments is working well, shopping will feel like stealing.

  • I like the human interaction. I don’t want to go to the grocery store at 10pm on a Saturday night to drown my sorrows in a tub of Haagen Dazs and be greeted by a beep, beep, beep.

  • Helen Edwards
    Helen EdwardsAlways curious at Koru Ventures

    Biggest disruption amazon can make to grocery is behind the scenes. Better forecasting and supply chain management, dynamic pricing of fresh and perishable products, to reduce crazy amount of food waste in retail.

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    I just don't like not knowing what I'm spending until I've already spent it. Also, what happens to cash back?

  • Nolan Paul
    Nolan PaulPartner at Yamaha Motor Ventures

    Obviously the produce aisle will be the biggest challenge for Amazon Go technology. However it doesn’t seem like a big stretch to see all the fruits and vegetables go the way of berries, grapes, packaged salads, etc. and be sold under uniform weights which would solve the problem.

    I can’t wait for this type of technology to be rolled out in larger stores. I know some people love mingling, but I for one would pay more to not have to wait in line at Costco, Target, Walmart, etc. on the weekend!

  • Chef Art Smith
    Chef Art SmithCEO-Owner at Art Smith Company

    Whatever happened to the days of asking your friendly produce manager,butcher for today’s best? Well for me the charm of the find are those amazing people. Automated save it for vending machines not where community comes together over food. XO

  • Amazon believes this is “the future of shopping” (like Apple believed removing the headphone jack was the future of headphones). They are probably right, but I still don’t like it. I like human interactions at the store, and I like the transactional quality of paying for groceries.

  • Elad Efraim
    Elad EfraimCo-Founder & CEO at Custodia

    can we start by paying with the app?

    that will be a good first step...

  • Paul Pecena
    Paul PecenaBarista/Freelance Degenerate at Starbucks

    ... until a patron needs a return or refund, or post-transaction void, or proper application of a discount in the proper sequence the system can accept correctly... then the buying public will want their human clerks back pronto.

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    It's going to be *so* weird but after a few months of hubbub and many think pieces published, it'll be normal.

  • Wow! 🤔

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