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The First Baby Has Been Born After a Uterus Transplant From a Deceased Donor

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She's now almost a year oldRead full story


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  • I'm amazed at the advancements in medicine and medical procedures. I have many friends who suffer from infertility or are unable to carry a child. I think it is great to know there are options beyond surrogacy. I never knew this was possible. Just wow. I think this is much better than the story of the 'gene-edited' babies. That is one I cant quite wrap my head around...yet.

  • This is the purest, most loving act we can do as human beings: leave our organs to another person. We are only leasing them — so we should take care of them while we are alive. Someone else might need them when we are gone. I hope my home country of Ireland moves to an “opt-out” organ donor policy and more countries do the same.

  • This is really quite overwhelming, in just such a way news seldom elicits. It is a major step in preserving a chance for life where, only a short while ago, no hope for such an outcome would ever be possible.

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Well, wow. Just wow

  • Paul Welling
    Paul WellingField Communications Spec (ret) at FEDEX

    Perhaps some of the women who are "pro-choice" would like to donate theirs while they're still alive.

  • Alex Ossola
    Alex OssolaDeputy special projects editor at Quartz

    I’ve covered the burgeoning field of uterus transplants for years, and the thing that’s always struck me is how hardy the uterus is—unlike most other organs, it doesn’t lose it’s function with age. A huge achievement for sure.

  • Pamela M Smith
    Pamela M Smith

    Wow! Amazing the strides medicine is making!

  • James Randorff
    James RandorffMusician, Instructor at US Navy

    This is truly incredible.

  • !!! Science, dude.

  • David Wallentine
    David Wallentine

    And...another 125,000 babies were aborted today.

  • Michelle Hayes
    Michelle Hayes

    I never did understand the deep need to give birth. There are so many children needing loving families. What’s the point of spending thousands just to say “I gave birth”

  • Allan Thomas
    Allan Thomas


  • Min Milk
    Min Milk


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