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Theresa May’s Team Has Discussed A Second Referendum Or A Softer Brexit If Her Deal Is Killed Next Week

By BuzzFeed

“It has come to the point where you feel like you are in that Mitchell and Webb sketch when one of the Nazis looks at the other and asks, ‘Are we the baddies?’” a Number 10 aide told BuzzFeed NewsRead full story


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  • Michael Andrews
    Michael AndrewsFounder & CEO at MPA Global

    Now a second referendum to correct a policy that is arguably the dumbest in UK history, a divorce from the EU. And of course they have waited so long that many large companies have already made exit plans or have already moved or on process of moving.

  • It’s frightening to see that nobody had any idea what they were voting for when they chose “Brexit” and the options are significantly worse than anyone could have imagined.

    I am an optimist, but I’m hoping for a second referendum where Brits can face the reality that staying is better than leaving, and that the entire process serves as a catalyst for some changes in the overall structure of the EU.

  • William Wood
    William WoodOwner at William Wood

    The vote for Brexit, had more favorable votes than any other referendum. Right now Bureaucrats, the political elite, and banking industries are trying to change the will of the people. I can understand the average Brit, who else would like to have, their country, controlled by unelected bureaucrats? Mark my words, Italy is next... France is on the ropes and Germany is slumping. The private little market for Germany is beginning to crumble.

  • Akshat Rathi
    Akshat RathiSenior reporter at Quartz

    It's a shame how pretty much any path ahead for Brexit requires the UK to shoot itself in the foot. And then some paths also require shooting the other foot and the free hand.

  • Patricia Lincourt
    Patricia LincourtSocial Worker

    This has been painful to follow. It reminds me of the scene in A Christmas story where after having been double dog dared, the kid on the playground has to stick his tongue on the frozen metal flag pole, reluctantly- this was also to predictable results.

  • Like the Mitchell and Webb reference

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    Wait, what?

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