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Passive Income Schemes for the Truly Passive

By The New Yorker

Find forty thousand dollars inside a Bed Bath & Beyond display mattress, sell an e-book while asleep, be born wealthy, and moreRead full story


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  • Robert Bye
    Robert ByeProduct Manager

    The first ‘passive income’ tips that are accurate. If anyone thinks you can make passive income without doing one of these, you’re wrong. Oh so very wrong.

  • Corinne Purtill
    Corinne PurtillSenior Reporter at Quartz

    You “wake up to discover that you have inadvertently opened a Word document, written an e-book on how to be a “product ninja,” listed it on Amazon using S.E.O.-friendly keywords, sent a snappy press release to a curated list of key industry influencers, and shot to No. 1 in the “Product Management” category.”

  • Khe Hy
    Khe Hy RadReads and Quartz

    Passive income is all the rage. A good gut check on how ridiculous we can all sound (says the guy preparing to write an eBook.)

  • David Yakobovitch
    David YakobovitchAI Professor at Galvanize

    Passing income can be great, but often it is challenging to establish without a strong active income. Also, passive incomes requires a lot of courage and discipline to become successful, often requiring numerous unsuccessful projects and multiple iterations before it works. Don’t let the media trick you - most people fail at passive income.

  • I like active income, and I’m actively in pursuit. Passivity in grammar, in business, and in life doesn’t thrill me. But I like a thought provoking piece that has two toes in humor and 8 in the reality of the world.

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