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China’s electric cars are government spies

By Quartz Membership

Nothing of strategic importance falls outside Beijing’s surveillance machinery. So it shouldn't be a surprise that the Chinese government has its eyes on the country's electric cars. In a recent visit to an electric-car battery factory in China, Quartz was told that all electric carmakers in the country are required to provide data collected fromRead full story


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  • China’s electric cars are government spies. It’s kinda their whole thing.

  • This is exactly why China will win the race toward autonomous vehicles. The biggest challenge for the new technology is having a large enough dataset to train its algorithms, and while we have personal privacy laws making that difficult in the Western world, China has no such boundaries (regardless of what they may claim).

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    This is rather concerning: "Quartz was told that all electric carmakers in the country are required to provide data collected from the cars to the government."

    Sure, there are ways to potentially track other vehicles but now these electronic carmakers are "required" to send info to the government.

  • Akshat Rathi
    Akshat RathiSenior reporter at Quartz

    Knowing China's love for surveillance, this shouldn't be surprising. I expect this reporting or any other to change little inside China. But it could have an impact on what China exports...just look at Huawei!

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    China's elective cars may be spies now, but it's hard to imagine an autonomous vehicle future where everyone isn't able to determine your whereabouts all the time. long live the bicycle!

  • well, after reading NYT’s location dara article, I am wondering where is the line, and also wondering whther I could give up convenience as a trade-off. I could give up Facebook maybe, but difficult to give up gmail or car(if I live in local city)

  • Paul JIN
    Paul JINdskb

    Well,I love bicycle despite it’s a bit cold outside in winter lol

  • The Chinese government is plugged into electric car data. (Who is surprised by this?)

  • Jonathan Greene
    Jonathan GreeneSVP of Marketing at Techstars

    Not even remotely surprising.

  • One Trav
    One Trav


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