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Map: What story does your neighborhood’s life expectancy tell?

By Quartz

There is perhaps no better measure of a place’s quality of life than how long its residents are expected to live. Life expectancy reflects aRead full story


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  • Sarah  Todd
    Sarah ToddSenior reporter at Quartz

    I was particularly struck by this story's discussion of how urban design—like the construction of a highway near St. Paul, Minnesota—can have major knock-on effects for a neighborhood's health.

  • Corinne Purtill
    Corinne PurtillSenior Reporter at Quartz

    In El Segundo, a community just south of LAX airport, life expectancy is 83 years. 9 miles east on the 105 freeway, it’s 69 years, a difference resulting from racism, freeway construction, hospital closures, and a multiplicity of factors. Every zip code has a story to tell; amazing work here by Quartz’s Dan Kopf and Daniel Wolfe

  • Kartik Chaturvedi
    Kartik ChaturvediSoftware Developer

    The two examples highlighted in this story – West Virginia and Minnesota – show how important urban design is to the prosperity of a community. We can shape our surroundings to best deal with certain issues, but we must keep in mind that our surroundings shape us in return as well.

  • Katherine Ellen Foley
    Katherine Ellen Foleyhealth/science reporter at Quartz

    I live near between Capitol Hill and Anacostia, and the differences in the neighborhoods are staggering, and also visible on a single run. It's unbelievable that there can be 20 years' life expected difference in a span of a few miles.

  • Sari Zeidler
    Sari ZeidlerDirector of Growth at Quartz

    This is one of the coolest — and more disturbing—things we have done in a while.

  • Fascinating view of inequality in the US. @qz created graphics showing life expectancy; alarming. One neighborhood in St. Paul has life expectancy of 86, and the next neighborhood over has life expectancy of 65.

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