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The 21 Most-Anticipated Movies of 2019

By Marie Claire

Disney will be DOMINATING all year. If you thought 2018 was a good year for movies, just wait until 2019. The release schedule for next year is jam-packed with must-see flicks, from buzzy superheroRead full story


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  • Kyo Kaku
    Kyo KakuVice President at China-Japan J/V

    The chart is pretty much dominated by the Disney World, with which I’m already fed up.

    Regardless of avengers, Jedi, Woody, or whatever fancy, their story lines are so commodified and predictable.

    As far as I’m concerned, Godzilla 2 is the most anticipated.

  • Liz Webber
    Liz WebberNews curator at Quartz

    2019 will be an amazing year for movies, if these trailers are any indication. Two X-men movies, a new Star Wars, Avengers -- not to mention Captain Marvel and Toy Story 4. I don't even care that they're mostly sequels and remakes, I am psyched.

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    This is embarrassingly the first time I've heard of a "Toy Story 4" coming out. I'm especially looking forward to "Lion King"!

  • This makes complete sense. Sequels and remakes are designed to build hype. People don't anticipate original movies, how could they? This isn't a prediction of the best movies, it's a list of most profitable movies.

  • Suzanne Prescott
    Suzanne PrescottFounder at NMVoterGroup

    Sounds like entertainment is in for a good year.

    Any news about provocative documentaries floating around out there?

  • Can we just get through 2018 first?

  • What a lot of these already buzzed about films have in common is that they are ‘big’ movies- and that is a good thing because the film business needs a way to differentiate from all the high quality television content- in other words- create a true movie experience worthy of leaving the house and of becoming part of our cultural conversation. Glad to see the industry is stepping up to the challenge.

  • John Commons
    John CommonsEditor and Writer at RCM News

    The Lion King looks effing incredible! I cant wait to take my kids to see that. I'm not a huge fan of the direction the star wars franchise has gone, but being that this is the last installment in the Skywalker line, I'll go see that. I'll also go see It, cuz It is going to be great. The rest of them I'll wait for the digital release.

  • David TH
    David THInvestor

    Isn't it obvious that #8 is the only one worth watching as a film, not as some family pastime? America needs to finally mourn Charles Manson and the era that created it. Plus it's Tarantino, of course. And films set in the 70s are usually of decent quality, the latest ones including American Hustler and Black Mass.

  • Che Hammond
    Che Hammond

    Uhm, Disney is gonna crush in 2019!

  • Calvin Yee
    Calvin YeeEgon Zehnder

    Note the majority of top Disney performing movies recently have been acquired....

  • Ernest Bailey
    Ernest Baileyprince


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