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Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 challenge is to get out of his bunker and talk to people

By Quartz

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his annual challenge: hosting public talks about the future of technology. Zuckerberg, who doesn’t like public appearances, will every fewRead full story


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  • Kevin Delaney
    Kevin DelaneyEditor in chief at Quartz

    Facebook seems to have decided to come out of its bunker. Mark will now be hosting public conversations and Sheryl is scheduled to be at DLD and Davos in a few weeks. (They have done other public appearances but Mark’s announcement does feel like a real shift.)

    Beyond defenses and mea culpas, is this a path toward change at Facebook that people can have confidence in?

    At the very least, talking to people publicly is better than their being in hiding.

  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
    Anthony Duignan-CabreraCEO at ADC Strategy

    Too little, too late. The impetus for Facebook has always been the vengeance of the socially awkward over the impenetrable masses on university campuses. This is not an "I'm sorry" tour. It's an "I'm sorry I was caught" tour. Facebook has built its fortune on the exploitation of trust and like Uber, Airbnb and the myriad of Silicon Valley "unicorns" rampaging over regulations and decent living wages on a global level. Facebook isn't trying to change; it just wants us to believe it is.

  • Steven Rodas
    Steven RodasReporter at machineByte

    Per the article, ‘His 2017 challenge had him touring the US, a journey that often ended up looking staged, and the CEO rather stultified.’

    How about less announcements? Seems to add a level of formality counter-intuitive to your goal. I understand having personal goals and/or a mission statement but in this case make that part private, and the actual change, public.

  • Good challenge. I know there’re many complains about Facebook, but Zuckerberg seems to try to go beyond his comfort zone to make the world better place, which should be admired.

    One good aspect this article points out is that they reveal that Facebook have “engineering mindsets”. Now technology is so advanced and popular, so engineers who create those fascinating tech also have to have social mindsets as well.

  • Kymberley Suddarth
    Kymberley SuddarthProgram Consultant - Privacy

    Great challenge .... for anyone. But a bit too late in the game. He will be hard pressed to convince those (read: just about every single one of us) that are now 99% obliged to listen. Not even sure if this will scratch the surface of the shift he is aiming toward.

  • Nick Tran
    Nick Tran

    The lizard/robot lord have finally decided to get out the shadow to take over the world himself.

  • Heather Landy
    Heather LandyEditor at Quartz At Work

    Sounds eerily similar to a “listening tour” ...

  • Amy Miller
    Amy MillerPresident at Miller Mediation and Solution

    Zuckerberg needs to rebuild trust with his customers. Talking and listening to people is a start as a way to rebuild trust, but the people he needs to listen to will not be found in Davos. Get out of Silicon Valley and your gilded cage and actually sit down at a strangers dining room table. Stop by a high school 25th year reunion as those are your customers.

  • Jacob Germain
    Jacob GermainIT admin at A small business

    My 2019 challenge for sucker berg is for him to step down and destroy his hell website

  • reza Parsa
    reza Parsa


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