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Social Media Backlash Leaves Pinterest Vulnerable

By The Information

A big question hanging over the tech industry is how this year’s hotly anticipated IPOs will perform in the face of a tumultuous stock market. Among the expected major public offerings, one standsRead full story


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  • The reason social media is having a backlash is because of privacy issues and data breaches and trolling and toxicity. None of these are Pinterest issues.

  • What this assessment of Pinterest misses, as many do, is that equating it with social media outfits like Facebook and Twitter is too simplistic. Pinterest’s CEO Ben Silbermann has always compared him business to Google, that his service is about visual search, not social networking. That reconfigures the value proposition.

  • John Battelle
    John BattelleproFounder at NewCo

    Pinterest is not a social media application. As Ben has pointed out lord knows how many times, the focus is on the individual's goals and aspirations for their own life. While the comparison might be a bit too grand, the closest model I've seen to Pinterest is early Adwords from Google.

  • Pinterest seems like the least vulnerable— it’s not build for discourse and seems to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

  • Pinterest is not a social media company.

    It's a digital scrapbooking site with ads in it.

  • James Cakmak
    James CakmakEntrepreneur | Tech Analyst

    Every company should be concerned about privacy, no matter how social media-esque they may be. It needs to be ingrained into every company culture because virtually all business now have some data collection component to them.

    With respect to Pinterest, the difference here is that the data is basically a dream board full of aspirations. Hence, they are likely to be far down the list of scrutiny. Monetization prospects with the IPO looming, of course, is another matter.

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