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The four-day work week is fantastic news for gender equality

By Quartz

Much has been made of the ways a four-day work week could increase productivity and worker satisfaction. But the shift could also be a hugeRead full story


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  • The most important career decision I made was when my oldest daughter was two. For one year I worked 9 days out of 10 (every second week was a 4 day week). It really was a win-win-win.

  • In the absence of rational child-care policies, flexible work arrangements are the next best solution for working parents.

  • Yes to this. Total game changer for so many. I kept my corporate job after having a child because I was able to work a 4-day week, It was often a 50 hour 4-day week but I was home one day a week with my child. When that went away, I could no longer make it work and created an exit strategy to create a business where I could have a flexible schedule.

  • Interesting policy that can double as both an attraction and retention element for a businesses employees. Would love to see this widely tested across different industries and sectors.

  • Bring it on! We have to change not just the way we work, but the way we work together as a family to bring about gender equality.

  • To me it’s not the quantity of the hours worked but the quality of the output no matter the time.

  • Yes, a four day work week will make it easier for women to have children, learn a language, do auto mechanics, garden, or any other thing you decide to do with your life... Duh.

  • Please define gender equality. True gender equality is not what women want.

  • Sounds great

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