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No one knows why non-existent bands have started showing up on Spotify playlists


Spotify has officially acknowledged a curious phenomenon that’s manifested itself recently across the streaming music service’s platform. Fake artists and bands with strange names — and practicallyRead full story


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  • I have been a performing musician for four decades. I have recorded roughly twenty albums.

    But I have no idea what is going in this story. It is weird from top to bottom.

  • No one knows? I know: it’s called fraud. The bad guys are at least 3 steps ahead in digital fraud operations, technology and capabilities. please, someone prove me wrong here.

  • So these are bots, right? Someone's doing an AI-songwriting experiment?

  • Another example of society treating the digital differently than the physical. If someone was stealing money out of your cash drawer you’d probably have them arrested. If it’s a digital theft, (shrug), moving on... we’ll tweak our algorithm.

  • NEXT UP: A band neither you nor anyone else has ever heard of. Very intriguing story - but I cannot get behind “mysterycore” as a new addition to the lexicon.

  • This is very clever to me, and the logical result of consumers not compensating artists for their work. “You get what you pay for.”

  • I have good information that there are many more people capable of making music. The simple fact is the ones you are exposed to pay to be pushed on you. Listen to "hey mr. Dj, I thought you said we had a deal, " by they might be giants.

  • I've always been a Spotify user,it's served me well,but yeah I have noticed some crazy things with it,all the indie bands and crazy names of bands that just seem far off of main Street.

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