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Your online shopping has a startling hidden cost

By Fast Company

The world is addicted to free returns. Here’s why that’s a serious problem–and what consumers can do about it. When I’m browsing for a new outfit online, I instinctively scan a brand’s website, looRead full story


  • Something to think about next time you return your online purchase

  • Not mentioned in the article : the rise of clothing rental companies like Rent the Runway.. while the shipping impact would still be an issue, it does address the issue of buying too much clothing and at the same time allows for those Instagram photos without the returning merchandise to stores

  • Frankly, this analysis is flawed because it doesn't compare the cost relative to the cost of brick & mortar shopping for the same items, and assumes the same product quality issues are relevant for in store returns. Moreover, it doesn't factor in these things relative to consumer costs (e.g., time) or take into account the percentage of lost sales with the absence of free returns.

  • I think we are overlooking a larger hidden cost— every time we move closer to a frictionless world we are losing sight of our selves. It’s a slippery slope of one click purchasing and free returns... the now-old saw about millennials not taking accountability is true for all of us who expect technology to free us from obligations, like paying for goods and services.

  • 1. Logistics solution to optimise routes and capacity handling

    2. Platform that sells everything to minimise frequency of orders and also optimise capacity

    3. Returns ?

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