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Apple is targeting April to launch its new video service: Netflix not included, HBO in doubt


Apple's new streaming service will offer both original content and a platform to sign up for other streaming services, but you won't be able to sign up for Netflix there and maybe not HBORead full story


  • As much as I love Apple I don't believe they have the muscle to pull this off just now. The content isn't there, Apple has no experience doing originals and I wonder if they have the algorithmic expertise to pull what Netflix has done. Let's remember the Siri fiasco on top of the already struggling relationships with content organizations (Apple News). A Disney partnership could be amazing but not sure Disney wants to fall for Apple.

  • Apple going into media will be huge if it works.

    I feel like there's going to be a huge shift from iOS to Android in the next decade, now that Android phones are fast, light, better, and cheaper. So it's smart that Apple's working on adding a new revenue stream outside of hardware and software.

    They've traditionally been awful at consumer social plays. So let's see how they execute on this 👀👀👀

  • At what point do we simply have content overload? Will this lead to mergers or more partnerships among all these providers, all of whom seem to be prioritizing ‘original content’? And if this is becoming a race for the most content, which has to be getting expensive- how much will be passed on to consumers who will start simply tuning out?

  • Apple will have to bring their “A” game on this one. As an avid and unapologetic cord cutter, if Hulu, Netflix and HBO aren’t on the list then Apple will need either massive custom content or its a no go. Either that or roll up all the networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, and of course sports as well.

    And while it’s inconvenient to have multiple subscriptions, it’s entirely manageable, so it’s got to be something special to gain the cord cutter community attention.

  • Apple has made admirable progress with Apple Music and catching up to Spotify’s vast lead. Video will be more challenging because of the role original content plays and the lead Netflix and Amazon have in that regard

  • Now if someone would just launch a service that streams time so I can watch all this content.

  • They really need to address the ridiculous monthly charge they extort for Apple Music.

    First they make it so the average iPhone user cannot navigate the nightmare of adding previously owned music to their device and then in turn charge almost as much as Netflix does for streaming video content.

  • Apple and Disney trying to diminish Netflix, and control the space. They should look at the competition besides Netflix, I.E. YouTube TV, Acorn, PBS, Hulu, Fandango, Roku Channel, BritBox (BBC), Amazon Prime, and many more like HBO, Stars, and DirecTv Now. The field is filling faster than a Tequila Shooter. I don’t know when, but there will be a shake out, and a few big guys will disappear!

  • I'm sorry but at this point Netflix is too popular to exclude to make this successful.

  • Just AAPL being AAPL. They haven’t done anything special since You Know Who, just the ridiculous Apple Watch, incremental updates at margins that would make a loan shark blush and accumulate staggering riches which they hoard and nothing remotely resembling a dent in the universe to be seen. Tim Cook gets credit for his stance on privacy, an E for effort where accessibility is concerned (he critically failed where some of the most important accessibility issues have withered) and is a lizard. Ive is the same as always, talented but overrated and lazy... I loved Apple at first sight in 1992. AAPL has become a luxury brand masquerading as the tech giant that changed the world on a regular basis.

  • Quality aside, this combines with news and music into a nice bundle.

  • Yay! More fracturing and less all-in-one streaming /s

  • It would be about time for Apple to launch a tv network service. The company already has Apple TV box consoles. Apple top executives are very excited with the launch of the new tv service. The company is already forecasting positive outcomes from the new service. One of the problems with Apple becoming a TV provider. The market is already saturated with numerous tv network providers. Apple offering free tv content to their device owners is an extra perk for the iPhone.

  • I am getting really tired of more and more players coming to the game, taking programming away from the established players without providing any reduction in consumer cost.

  • Looking forward to seeing what Apple 🍏 will do to compete in this field! It's also cool seeing them getting into the automotive industry too! Go apple go!

  • I think Apple is too late to fight in this area.

  • Don’t care.

  • All this subdivision of a field that is already ludicrously diverse in owners, content, licensing, etc......makes me want to check out a book from the local library even more.

  • I’m looking forward to the new service by Apple.

    Apple have to develop new service which generate profit because iPhone had not sold as before.

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