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Mexico border wall: Trump defends emergency powers move

By BBC News

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  • Total estimated cost for the border wall: $23 billion

    Amount Trump wanted in government budget for wall: $5.7 billion

    Amount Trump got in budget for “fencing”: $1.375 billion

    Total amount Trump says declaring a national emergency will allow him to redirect towards a wall: $8 billion

    That sinking realization that a ridiculous campaign slogan from 2016 is about to plunge the country into a genuine constitutional crisis: priceless

  • The national emergency declaration will be ruled unconstitutional and thrown out after days of breathless media coverage. Meanwhile, Trump will manage to keep the news cycle fixated on his favorite topic, border security, instead of his numerous scandals and investigations. It’s not about building the wall, but making people talk about the wall.

  • This is scary because of how blatantly it bypasses the systems of government designed to keep power in check. I am deeply concerned this will become the new normal.

  • So much for Quartz being a fair platform. I got 70 likes supporting our President so they took my post down. Ill give you the bottom line. He is the only President in history to keep his promises. Read the laws .. text explicitly supports this executive order.

  • Ken Knight When the new President does the same and stops the BS wall...don't say anything at all. You support this take it in 2 years, in silence. Let's see how you like a bullshit emergency then. The only thing this is doing is establishing a precedent that a future president will be able to use just as easily for anything he wants. Maybe he wants to bring in 10 million from Central America...don't you say a word, because you're making this okay. Maybe he wants to take your job, your retirement, and your home, don't you say a word. Because you're supporting this action now, and you'll have to live with it in the future. Once that Genie is out of the bottle there is no putting it back in, ever, and any future president will be able to do anything he wants regardless of the Constitution regardless of the law regardless of whatever the country needs or wants. Enjoy your moment, just be prepared to reap the Whirlwind in the future. what a shame, what a foolish, ignorant action to support. That sound that you hear, that is the sound of American democracy crumbling. That is the sound have you hammering away at the Constitution. That is a sound of Jack Booted dictators coming to take your rights. Well actually that is the sound of you giving your rights away. And let the games begin.

  • I don’t see how McConnell and other Republicans in the House and Senate can accept this. It’s a true test of their constitutional powers. And, their worst nightmare, imagine AOC one day pointing to this as precedent to bypass Congress. Where does it stop?

  • The national emergency no one else knew about. This is an extremely dangerous circumvention of our Constitution. He needs another spanking in court.

  • He couldn't do what he wanted so he finds a way to unravel Democracy for the sake of his own ego... It was predictable and dangerous :(

  • I find it interesting that people living along the border & paying the cost of the illegal immigration are being told it's not a problem by those living in gated communities far from the border.

  • He's the one who's created the National Emergency . In his paranoid mind

  • Cue the constitutional lawyers, political analysts and elected officials. ( No offense, I have friends in all three categories but it’s going to get repetitive really quickly) Wake me up when The Supreme Court rules.

  • I see more misinformation about a wall, immigration, what is moral, what is constitutional and what is not. I listen to the border patrol, what do they want. I don’t listen to Chuck and Nancy, both voted for, what they now call immoral. I have problems when one group refuses to negotiate, and goes on vacation, or stand around in a hotel pool are sharing drinks with bikini clad blondes. If I was President, I’d sign and take the money, declare a national emergency,perfectly appropriate, as legislated by Congress. You may not like it, but it is perfectly legal and constitutional. Oh, there will be some half fast judge, issuing an injunction, but it will sail when it hits the Supreme Court. Amazing to me, those that had no problem running up a $20 Trillion debt from 2008 to 2016, are now suddenly fiscally responsible...

  • This action, if not blocked by the courts, will set a strong precedent for future presidents from both parties.

  • It seems to me this was the only solution for Trump. As a business man he understands the power of being able to point a finger. He was faced with two options. Another government shutdown which would hurt his ratings, or an executive order. By using an executive order Trump has done his part in keeping his promise to build the wall. Now if the order is tied up in court he can simple point his finger and blame the court or prosecuting party for why the order isn't being acted on. His base will defend him saying "well he tried or did all he can" and he will be able to go on about his remaining term without having to do anything more than tweet, and quite possibly use this as leverage in the upcoming 2020 election.

    I don't blame him for doing this because as a businessman myself I understand the leverage of holding someone else or another business liable for their work. It is the same principle.

  • This is absolutely warranted given the formation of large well-organized caravans. This is unfair to those that follow the law when it comes to immigration into the United States. We must protect our own citizens above all else. The plight of Angel Mom and Dad's who have lost a child to an individual that had no right to be in this country in the first place cannot be ignored. this has been the policy of the Democrat party until just recently.

  • Using Trump and the complicit Republican Senate logic, any future President can declare a National Emergency over the mass shootings in our schools and ban the ownership of assault rifles. You reap what you sow.

  • This is no different from Obama creating DACA through an executive order when he couldn’t get it through congressional channels. He saw that as an emergency. He set the precedent. Not Trump.

  • Regardless if this gets thrown out the move plays with his base and more Americans than you might suspect;

    In our January Harvard CAPs Harris Poll with American registered voters (weighted for demos):

    Q: Do you support building a wall on the Mexican border? Yes 45% No 55%

    Q: Do you support building a security barrier on the Mexican border? Yes 49% No 51%

    Q: Do you think that border security on the southern border is:

    - a serious problem requiring immediate action (49%)

    - a minor problem that can wait (38%)

    - something that is not even a minor priority (16%)

    All data here

  • If there’s another government shutdown, my biggest concern is flying back to the US next week. Perfect way to end my vacation😅 sigh

  • Of course Trump has to declare an emergency. Support from the base is his insurance against impeachment (or at least conviction in the Senate). If he loses the base, the Senate GOP would love to throw him overboard. But they can’t for as long as they have to worry about a primary from the right.

  • This sets a stupid precedent. This emergency will(should) get thrown out of court because the situation does not constitute an emergency. Fear mongering at its peak while 29 million people don’t have access to health insurance and 45000 people die each year due to lack of access to basic healthcare. Very telling of where his priorities lie. Ironic because this is the reason he’s not going to get re-elected.(unless of course another establishment centrist wins the democratic primary)

  • And this why the rest of the world laughs at us....embarrassing

  • Cant this psycotic maniac power monger be impeached?

  • Question for @Kenknight we give illegal immigrants money ? Because last time I checked you need a social for that and that office is always filled with white people. Plus illegal immigrants pay taxes they just can't get a tax return. It's big industry and corrupt gov. Officials that benefit from this. But white people can't see that. They only see direct problem s not core issues. That's why American health is based on treatment not cures.

  • It is so disappointing to read comments from deplorables and some others, in a country where politicians and SOME of the citizenry claim the USA to be the BEST OF EVERYTHING, yet their intellect exposes them to be ill-informed arseholes that can easily be manipulated by a crooked "leader".

  • He's not the only president to use the emergency act other presidents have done It but you want to jump on trump only because you hate him same on you

  • "I got more than what I had last week, which was nothing, negotiating with no leverage, but I'm going to ignore that, cry about it, and pretend I got nothing, and make up a fake emergency to buoy my shrinking base." If you can't get want you want, at least waste more money creating a fake crisis. And this will distract from the mess we're causing in Venezuela, the real crisis in N. Korea and the fact that we still haven't done anything about the Mad Prince.

  • So our dear leader is going full authoritarian.

    Screw democracy. It's my way or the highway.

    Good for America. 😢

  • As I read some of the comments some of you have incorrect facts. First it was the democrats who created the emergency powers act fo Clinton. And all have used it since. Second the emergency at the boarder is real not only the drugs that flow in but the criminals also. Check with the federal website 75% of the border jumpers are criminals and repeat offenders and will be incarcerated. All boarder jumpers are guilty of breaking a federal law they will not follow the straight and narrow. What will it take for the left to realize these simple facts. Without the law we will spend over 500 billion for care of these boarder jumpers. It does seem cheaper to stop this flow of crime into our country

  • So, to each and every one of #45 and his "party":

    What do you say about the murderers of our children in schools? Murdered by american born and raised?

    An immigrant, legal or illegal murders two...three? Yet, not a mumbling word about the gun situation, the mental health situation..just put up a wall which, by the way will also destroy habitats for wildlife that don't care about the borders!

    What do you say about the millions, millions in dollars that are brought into this country via ports of entry? The Border Control, Coast Guard ARE our wall(s)!

    The tunnels, more of which are found constantly being used for smuggling people, drugs, etc...

  • The irony is that most Americans regardless of which side of the argument they are on, don’t know what people on the border do; the wall is currently being built as we speak. This will not bode well for Dems in 2020 because I think in about 18 months Trump will announce that despite his opposition’s most valiant efforts...Trump wins yet again by having the wall completed. The government shutdown is a red herring thrown out by Trump so he can continue doing what he’s been doing and the Left and the media have themselves shoehorned into addressing only the drama surrounding the shutdown. When are the Democrats finally going to accept that the rules of the game have changed?

  • If one follows the graph that shows the steady decline of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border over several presidential can observe a similar pattern in a graph describing Trump’s political efficacy.

  • Note; "Pelosi warns GOP a future Democratic president could use the same tactic to impose gun control"

    Has it occurred to NOBODY that Trump is taking this to the Supremes to permanently cauterize this threat, exactly? Clearly modern partisanship (especially with the rising socialists) can NOT be trusted to honor American traditions... Getting formal legal determination might be the best thing Trump can actually accomplish to safeguard American traditions

  • We knew this was coming since the midterms when the Democrats took back control. They are seeing through the eyes of anger, hatred and vindictiveness. They are obstructing progress and catering to the extreme left of the party. I know he is not making things easy with his actions or comments but is anyone surprised?

  • It’s funny how all the constitutional experts that are DEMOCRATS seem to ignore that this is a power the president does possess. Supreme Court will have to stick to the rules and allow no matter how much biased “experts” don’t like an orange faced president. I for one would like a completely sealed border and a completely efficient legal immigration system that invites the well meaning and law abiding immigrants. Of course that’s racist according to some. Can common sense ever be applied to this and not this stupid dueling political pianos? It’s dumb.

  • I am confused by the fact that he has had two years to get the funding when Republicans controlled both houses. The fact that he has waited until now suggests to me that this has less to do with a wall but more to do with his progression along the path to dictatorship

  • Kudos to the radical leftists of the democrat party! They’ve finally exposed the real agenda of their party for everyone to see.

    Might’ve been a little premature or they didn’t figure the length and breath of this Countries silent majority.

    When we sit back and dispassionately evaluate our political discourse, it becomes clear why most of the media and once moderate democrats have seemingly lost their collective minds over this President.

    The forces pitted against this President is only a symptom of a much larger problem. We’re seeing the inevitable conflict (ironically enough) between individual freedom and liberty enumerated in the Constitution versus the forces of absolute domination over all people.

    The personalities that speak for this “socialist” program are really dupes. They are mostly incapable of critical reasoning and are extraordinarily dangerous to our American way of life.

    They speak to America’s poor and disenfranchised. So you gotta ask, why DO we have so many poor and disenfranchised folks? One answer is the decline (or failure

    ) of our public education system. How did that happen? Liberalism within the ranks of our educators and the management of our entire education system. Another answer is the ill fated “war on poverty” that decimated the families of millions of our less fortunate fellow citizens. This “war” has ensured that the poor stay poor. It shouldn’t be any mystery that we’re seeing an unprecedented level of violence coming from that sector. I can relate to that anger.

    How do we correct this? Well our current situation didn’t happen over night and the solution won’t either. First things first, stop the continuing engorgement of the ranks of the poor through illegal immigration. Take back control of our education system and reinstate a curriculum that serves the students with the tools and talents required to thrive. That would be a good start.

  • This is not the first time the president of the United states has done this. Do your research people.

  • Whether you support a wall or not, this is improper use of executive power that should be condemned by both sides. This isn't about the wall, this is about Presidential power growing (and it's already severely outgrown the intent of our Founding Fathers). This is a very dangerous power growth that could be attempted again in the future to bypass Congress.

  • This is really about a virtual wall. A wall that separates ,a wall that reinforces Trumps position on philosophically keeping people of color out. There is nothing there. A national disaster- this sets precedent for next Democratic President declaring guns ( real danger) a disaster. All this distracts and confuses- the only brilliant Trump tactic

  • POTUS is the Commander in Chief. He is able to make war for 90 days without the support of either the Senate or the Congress. He is responsible for the immediate actions to protect our nation. This allows for the Senate and Congress to take the time necessary to either declare war or find other solutions.

    Checks and balances work both ways. These emergency declarations also allow a POTUS to stop the Congress and Senate from stalemating what needs to be done, same as they have the ability to override a veto with a super majority vote.

    This WILL go before the courts and it will be ruled to be not only within the rules of his office, but also a responsibility of his office to ensure the security of the nation.

    Illegal immigration has been an issue for decades. Even Reagan was asked how he would handle the issue during his primaries. This is a national security issue that has been kicked down the road for the next administration to handle.

    For one I am glad we have a POTUS doing what needs be done.

  • Trump is the emergency we need to focus on

  • Any group of people that will stand up and fight for a wall that your own stats says wont help but remain silent while your children are gunned down in their schools deserves a special place in hell. Especially when they profess to be Christian. What a cruel joke you people are.

  • This is a blatant violation of the Constitution and those who support it need to revisit their PSCI 2301 class.

  • Bit isn't Mexico supposed to pay for this? Why are we? 🤔

  • Looks like ratings manipulation, since all he wanted was a TV show and his schedule allows for plenty of time to executive produce.

  • Yet none of you said a word when Clinton, Bush, and Obama did similar. The hate for this POTUS will be the downfall of the USA.

  • Is anyone surprised? Pelosi has gone over the edge, Democrats are denying the truth. We need more border now rather than later.

  • But for what reasons? Hurricanes, tornados, mudslides but not for a fucking wall more than half of the country doesn’t want.

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