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FT wants to acquire The Information

By Flashes & Flames

News. The Nikkei-owned Financial Times is believed to be negotiating to acquire or invest in The Information, the subscription-based digital media company founded by Jessica Lessin in 2013. The InfRead full story


  • It’s been a ghastly ride for those on the digital media and publishing rollercoaster.

    But Jessica Lessin’s “The Information” is a beacon of light. The reason this model works is because it offers quality B2B content and events with a clear subscription model day 1. It doesn’t try to be all things to all people, but targets a specific professional/prosumer base who are accustomed to paying a premium for inside research and mission-critical content.

    The trade off with these models is they can become profitable sooner but don’t typically scale (to billion dollar businesses) quickly. It will be a win-win if FT and Nikkei can accelerate scaling without diluting the existing value proposition.

  • Smart. The Information was the first formidable content platform which understood the direction of the media industry by going direct without impression-based dependence. They priced themselves accordingly and focused on what’s most important: quality. Hats off.

  • Congrats (knock on wood) to the team at The Information. Sometimes quality content does win.

  • Ahhh nice and logical move. FT doesn't covers that space and The Information was limited in their scope as to survive much longer on their own. Nice symbiosis :)

  • The Information is a great idea. There is a lot to like but the coverage of the biggest tech story of the decade — Google and FB — has not kept pace with newspapers or other blogs.

  • I hope it stays independent. Ask the FT staffers how they feel about their pension plans after being taken over. Heard a lot of grumbling.

  • interesting smart move

  • A nice tribute to quality newsletters

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