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Karl Lagerfeld continued Chanel's legacy by working right up to his death

By Quartz



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  • “There is no secret to life,” Lagerfeld said. “The only secret is work. Get your act together, and also, perhaps, have a decent life.”

    So much respect for this legendary man. Chanel will never be the same.

  • My favorite Karl quote: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.” A towering icon in fashion.

  • An icon.

    About his revival of Chanel "he was a pop culture savant—without ever forgetting what the revolutionary Coco stood for: independence, freedom, and modernity." Vogue

  • The hardest working man in fashion to the end. designed Chanel and his own line and also was creative director and photographer for much of his advertising materials. RIP.

  • Wow. A man who saw and helped pioneer the evolution of fashion and was still working to the end.

  • The good ol days of creating things people don’t need, but want. RIP.

  • He was a legend. He will

    Always be close in

    My heart ❤️


  • A testament to the notion that you should find what you’re good at + passionate about (maybe the two are linked as Scott Galloway suggests).

  • End of an era!

  • May his soul Rest In Peace !

  • I was wondering why no mention of his anti migrant statements or his anti #metoo statements in the very fawning obits.

  • Lagerfeld at a glance.

    Side note: I've been a fan of The Business of Fashion for some time - good publication.

  • An immensely sad day for high fashion. Rest In Peace, Mr. Lagerfeld.

  • My Dad loved his cologne, the fragrance always reminds me of my dad. R.I.H Mr. Lagerfeld

  • What an Icon!!! Certainly an end to an era of great creative people, however, an Icon whose brands will continue to live on gracefully.

  • He was and shall remain an icon for style, class and fashion. Regardless of which house he designed for he remained Karl Lagerfeld

  • Thank you and continue shining, Mr. L

  • My he RIH. He was truly a wonderful designer.

  • "working"

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