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California Town Launches 'Goat Fund Me' for Fire Prevention

By Route Fifty

Officials from Nevada City are crowdfunding the rental of a grazing goat herd to eat flammable plants on city-owned landRead full story


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  • Goats utilized for urban planning is yet another example of progress being more akin to “return to roots”. Sometimes moving forward means taking stock of what’s worked in the past.

    Goat herding is sustainable, low emission, creates jobs that don’t require expensive education... it’s a low tech win.

    A town having to crowd-source the ability to get fire prevention, on the other hand, seems a bit confusing. What’s with the American trend of crowd sourcing basic needs? Medical bills, fire prevention bills... what’s next?

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    Smoky the bear was right. Only ewes can prevent forest fighters. Of course I'm kid-ding. Ewes are sheep...

  • Steven Rodas
    Steven RodasReporter at machineByte

    A similar method was employed locally for me in Jersey City wherein goats helped clear out weeds that grow on cemetery grounds. Nothing like a win-win that involves animals.

  • Sumeet Shah
    Sumeet ShahBacking brands at Swiftarc Ventures

    Not a baaaaad idea, I think.

  • Dr Gail Barnes
    Dr Gail BarnesPartner at Personify LLC

    Go goats! A herd of 200 goats can consume about an acre a day, with clean-up crews following along behind to complete the process.

  • This is extremely creative. It also addresses a very real source of the wildfire epidemic that has choked the region. It mentions California has implemented use of goats as well.

    It has been noted by some that these wildfires are partially an unintended byproduct of environmental protection policies, leaving additional brush to help fuel these blazes. Bringing in goats is a wise, low-tech step to help curb the problem. While in partnership with a 21st century innovation of crowdfunding. Very creative, indeed.

  • Kim Wilde
    Kim Wilde

    Edmonton Alberta, Canada does this in some of its City parks. Great way to utilize natural resources.

  • Michael Bergman
    Michael Bergman

    Not necessarily a bad idea, but it's an incredibly roundabout and expensive way of getting rid of those particular plants.

  • David Haskett
    David Haskettfounder at sirius cybernetics

    It's a no brainier. Unfortunately I see it taken to court by fringe environmentalists that will argue it harms the environment in some way or another. Probably by putting in danger a plant or a snail that eats only those plants

  • Bradon Upshaw
    Bradon Upshaw

    This is the best idea I've ever heard of!

  • Dave Poirier
    Dave Poirierwater treatment technician

    Mmm goat 🐐 curry.

  • That could work. Or at least help.

  • Scott1 Doublejfarm
    Scott1 Doublejfarm

    Where I live the goat ranchers pay to lease land to graze. This seems a little backward.

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