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Virgin Galactic rockets three people to space for the first time

By Quartz

The first time a private spacecraft has carried three people out of earth's atmosphereRead full story


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  • Richard Branson
    Richard BransonproFounder at Virgin Group

    So proud of the teams at our space companies who are opening up space to change the world for good

  • Tim Fernholz
    Tim FernholzSenior Reporter at Quartz

    In a step toward regular (rich) people going to space, Virgin Galactic flew its first passenger, the company’s head of astronaut training Beth Moses.

  • Jay Lauf
    Jay LaufCEO at Quartz

    I’m imagining my trips to Asia taking minutes vs a day. I bet that happens in my lifetime.

    When I was at Wired back in 2006, Richard Branson unveiled the Spaceship Two prototype at our Nextfest

    As with so many innovations, it seems a long time from the hype and seeming imminence of that moment til today, but my guess is from today to Leo and others getting their rides and me getting my quick trip to Tokyo will seem the blink of an eye.

  • This definitely feels new and different from the $250 million trips a handful of billionaires took a decade ago to the space station on Russian Soyuz rockets. In addition to the price tag, those trips required months and months of dedicated training. This has the promise of making space far more accessible. Congrats to Richard Branson and team!

  • Fantastic accomplishment! It’s amazing to think that this is merely 116 years since the Wright brothers first powered flight (115 + change for the overly specific).

  • Naveen Jain
    Naveen JainproFounder & CEO at Viome

    This is just the beginning of common people starting to experience the magic is space exploration.

  • Virgin always seems to find just the right way to speak towards the future. I would like to think I may be just young enough to experience this first hand someday.

  • Thiago Santana
    Thiago SantanaCo-founder at KalangooTECH

    Great news!

  • Abdirahman Ali
    Abdirahman Ali

    Amazing news (Rich) people It's all about the >$

  • Alexandra  Lyubchevskaya
    Alexandra Lyubchevskaya


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