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The People Who Eat the Same Meal Every Day

By The Atlantic

“Variety doesn’t really matter to me. I would be perfectly happy to eat the same Caesar salad or peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich every dayRead full story


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  • Chloe Rao
    Chloe Rao

    I eat almost the same breakfast everyday. I could totally eat the same lunch everyday if my workplace is right beside my favourite eatery.

    Now I’m thinking I should have sets of “uniform” for work too. That would really save me a hell lot of time... but dressing up is such a “depends on my mood” kind of thing.

  • Uncluttering. Wearing a uniform. And now eating the same meal every day. Clearly we need space in our lives... I can see the appeal. Sometimes I go on a week long hiking and yoga camp where I have to make no decisions. Its freeing. So I won't lie... its tempting.

  • Dr Gail Barnes
    Dr Gail BarnesPartner at Personify LLC

    When I was living alone in Swizerland I ate the same ready to heat quiches every night for 8 years - with a salad saved from lunch at work. Lazy meets love of browning reaction of baked crust.

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    Oh god, I could never eat the same thing every day. I give these people bonus points for being able to.

  • Liz Webber
    Liz WebberNews curator at Quartz

    I ate more or less the same meal - a ham sandwich, a piece of fruit and chocolate milk - for most of grades 1-12. These days, I prefer a bit more variety!

  • Need a little bit of this in my life. I'm a foodie and would jump at trying new things every day but the routine will really help in creating efficiency as well as allowing me to maintain healthy eating habits.

  • Theo Frank
    Theo FrankElectronics Engineer

    I definitely get bored with the same food day after day. But less work when I do. It's a give/take.

  • Tessa Jackson
    Tessa JacksonFaubourg Advisers

    While I don't eat the same meal everyday, I do use the same grocery shopping list with a pretty fixed list of dishes in rotation. Of course, this is how I grew up in Louisiana where everyone eats red beans & rice on Monday and fish on Friday.

  • Marc Coaches
    Marc CoachesCallisto Foundation

    Not for me. Adding variety in what you eat is one of the easiest and most satisfying things a person can do, unless you're in a rather particular situation. I'll wear the same outfit (and buy duplicates of) long before I eat the same thing everyday. Really though I don't think we know enough about nutrition to say a healthy meal (on the surface) is healthy everyday over the long run, or at least optimal.

  • Will Young
    Will Young

    I am definitely in the “same food everyday” camp. It’s easy, healthy, and I happen to just love the food

  • Matt Walters
    Matt WaltersFounding Partner at MissionLab Inc

    Eating the same lunch every day will definitely save you time and de-clutter your life. I’ve done this before at certain jobs where I knew the cafeteria fare and only liked one offering. As the article mentions, it was an oddly pleasant and reassuring experience.

  • Guilty!

  • Paul Hossfield
    Paul Hossfield

    That's me! When I was working I ate the same thing every day for years. When I retired I realized that I was healthy so I kept on eating it.

    I take one of those oblong cans of sardines, open it, put the sardines and about half of the tomato sauce into a resealable container, add a nice big dollop of mayonnaise, mix it together. That's the ingredient for one sandwich. The other is PB & J. Then I make a fruit salad.

    I always know how much sardine paste is left because everyone thinks it is disgusting. What do they know?

  • Sherry Eichorn
    Sherry Eichorn

    Interesting read.....

  • Steve Passage
    Steve Passage

    I would venture to say that the majority of people around the world eat the same thing every day.

  • Rob Kinyon
    Rob Kinyon

    This is me - it's comforting when the rest of your day is so hectic.

  • J. Blakeney
    J. Blakeney

    I eat to live, so can absolutely eat the same thing every day

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West

    Great read y'all ... 🤔🙄😯💥😎

  • Oscar  Morzan
    Oscar Morzan

    Enjoyed the article very much. I could have added the fact that for some of us, eating the same thing is a product of our upbringing, or a ritual that developed from a positive experience. I personally have “soda crackers and a small coke” added to my daily yogurt and fruit lunch. That was the snack that many of my classmates had at recess growing up during primary and secondary school.

  • Robert Mary
    Robert Mary


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