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Amazon will no longer dictate how sellers price their products

Amazon will no longer dictate how sellers price their products

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  • Unlikely that this was announced in response to threats of breaking up the big tech companies. This has actually been ongoing for more than a year off a Yale Law Journal article on antitrust law citing anti-competitive practices and exclusionary and collusive activities. Also widely read in France.

  • This becomes increasingly a moot point as private label will undercut third-party merchants anyway. Are you going to buy Amazon Basics batteries or still pay a premium for the Energizer Bunny? Ultimately pricing will be a function of where the audience is. And that’s on Amazon.

  • It is better as a large corporation for Amazon to suggest prices sellers should price their products rather than compel them to. Giving them the information empowers them to make a better judgement. As Amazon has had so much success, it's better for them to take a mentor role to help better their users.

  • I didn't know Amazon wouldn't let third-party sellers to not price their products for less elsewhere. "The change comes amid concern that the stipulation, called price parity, could be in violation of US antitrust law."