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Study Links Eggs to Higher Cholesterol and Risk of Heart Disease

By The Wall Street Journal


  • Eggs have never been good for you. The thought that anything that comes from an animal being good for you is proof that good marketing works

  • Eggs are also an inexpensive, super nutritious food, by which I mean they’re packed with protein and fat, which your body needs.

    If you have a carton of eggs and a few other ingredients in the fridge you have a meal. In an age of processed convenience food, meal kits, and dinner anxiety, I’d vote for more, not fewer, eggs in our diets, no matter what this study suggests.

  • I’m as good as dead. Been eating 2 eggs nearly every day for at least 3 years now.

  • We're back to this again? Give me a break... A little bit of moderation with all foods always works! Balance, balance, balance! Enough with the polarized back and forth dietary research already... 😏

  • Next week a study will come out that oxygen is poison to humans. It just takes decades to kill you.

  • First studies showed that eggs we’re not good for your cholesterol. Then studies showed eggs we’re one of the best foods for your health. Now studies show they aren’t great for your cholesterol. You gotta love those scientific studies!

  • Talk about a Ping Pong Ball, eggs are good for you, no they are not!

  • Humans mostly die. Humans often eat eggs. Ergo, eggs make humans die.

    How are we still writing up these studies?!

  • We need to also ask the researchers... "what were the test subjects eating alongside the eggs"? Sausage? Bacon? These are traditional complementary sides in the US. Seventeen years of self-reporting while also eating processed meat? There has never been a disagreement as to the role of processed pork in increasing cholesterol values.

    Also, since this study was put in place, researchers have discovered that genetics play a very large role in cholesterol levels.

    If these two huge variables were not accounted for when this 17-year study was initiated, then my money's staying with all the studies regarding the positive role of eggs in our diet based on current biochemistry.

  • Balance is the key for anything in life.. same goes for food. Eggs are nutritious but eating a lot of them daily persistently will not be that healthy..

  • These comments show how consistently people will reject scientific research if its results are different from what they would prefer.

  • Scientific studies that contradict each other are not so bad if they are done properly. Revisiting an hypothesis is actually a good thing if there is any doubt. However right now, most studies are so opaque and done so remotely that it makes you wonder what motivates all this back and forth. Was there an involvement of egg producers at some point to demonstrate eggs benefits and now an opposite push from another group to revisit this assumption? This is why so many don’t trust those studies anymore, including on very sensitive subjects such as vaccinations.

  • Oh my, here we go again....eggs are good for you, no they’re bad for you, no good, no bad...

    this topic has been beaten, fried, scrambled and wisked for 50 years....please move on and fix all the crap they add to foods that have negative effects on long term use...yikes

  • They never say exactly how the eggs are prepared in these studies. How many eat them fried, scrambled, poached, soft or hard boiled? I wonder if there is a dietary difference in the oil cooked eggs versus those cooked in water? Are they served with bacon, sausage, butter toast? I personally eat mine poached with avocado slices with multigrain toast.

  • Living leads, inescapably, to death...

  • Correlation is not causation

  • Just like they said milk is good for you then bad for you now it's good now here we go with the eggs

  • It is also not a fair study, as eggs are not necessarily eggs. Organic, free range chickens lay nutritious eggs. Farm raised, industrialized chickens fed processed corn do not. It really is that simple. You are what you eat.

  • I don't do drugs. I don't drink. I don't smoke. I'll be keeping my eggs.

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