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Japan says transgender people must be sterilised

By The Economist

Some European countries used to insist on this, tooRead full story


  • A horrific step backwards for transgender rights in Japan. The right to self-determination should never be compromised.

  • It wasn't until 2013 in the US that a transgender woman would have to undergo sex reassignment surgery (SRS) to be recognized as her actual gender by the Social Security Administration or get a passport with the correct gender marker. We're not that far ahead of Japan or the rest of the developed world, really.

    Most importantly, this surgery is intended to treat a person's dysphoria, not conform to a sexual binary for the sake of society. Gender is complex, often non-binary and is subjective. A government imposing additional restrictions and requirements invariably leads to suffering and death.

  • This is an egregious, shocking and cruel move that underscores the threat to lives and dignity that Trans people face on a daily basis. Sadly, this community also lacks as powerful representation as other marginalized groups have, so acts like this cause a momentary spike in media attention but then usually pass. A very sad trend for humanity.

  • Readers being aghast by these laws demonstrates how much society has changed, it was less than a century ago that it was not only illegal to be homosexual, but it will be a public hanging criminal offense. But we need to remember that even today there are still laws that allow for mutilation, disfigurement, and even homicide for a multitude of similar "offenses".

  • So sad to hear of this, it is a major human rights issue. The deeply rooted complexity of the Japanese culture is ever-present and desperately needs to be changed.

  • Wowsers! I'm really surprised at the state of the world sometimes. Other times I'm just disgusted.

  • Their is a better alternative to this problem

  • Good for Japan!

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