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New Zealand bans sales of assault weapons


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  • Interesting approach. They have opted to skip the decades-long Thoughts & Prayers Strategy and go straight to sensible gun control. I guess that’s what happens when a country has leaders that, ahem, lead.

  • Thank you PM Ardern for banning assault weapons. New Zealand is now officially the grown up in the room!

  • I applaud Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s decisive actions and leadership 👏👏👏

  • She showed the world, what leaders are supposed to do. Every leader in the world needs to reflect on this.

  • Mad respect for New Zealand! No bs “Thoughts and Prayers” lines. No trying to claim it is an encroachment on my rights. They confronted the problem head on with common sense.

    I am so ready to see the data results after 1 year. That way they can prove to those in the US that it really does make a difference.

  • NZ is a free country & can do what they want there. It is not the US & honestly I am tired of everyone assuming that what works in some small country half way round the world works here. It doesn't necessarily even work in some other country half way the other way across the world.

  • Finally, a real hero(ine)

  • The law abiding gun owners are being punished because of someone else’s actions.

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