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Apple Music Overtakes Spotify in Paid U.S. Subscribers

By The Wall Street Journal


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  • Apple has the install base advantage and ability to promote its service so no real surprise there, particularly stateside. But there is a glaring hole in Apple’s efforts in audio beyond music - podcasts for instance - where there is a real opportunity to capture consumer attention and ad dollars as moves mainstream. Developments in audio-based experiences will only grow from here and are still in infancy stages. Spotify’s prospects continue to increase - and do so globally. Apple needs to step up its game on this front.

  • As someone who worked on this product, I never thought of Spotify as the main competition — it was always free (Youtube, etc).

  • But $SPOT still ahead of $APPL globally per the article. As of December, Spotify had 207m active users, 96m of whom are paying subscribers or in a trial. Apple has more than 50m paying subscribers.

    These are still sticky consumer products though, and switching friction remains high.

  • I like Apple Music more than Spotify because it's oriented around artists and albums over playlists - which is how I grew up.

    Spotify is still a superior product to me though - because the moment I stop giving Apple money, I lose all my music. But Spotify's ad-supported free version keeps me in the tunes even if I need to cut expenses for a month or three.

  • One of the most regretable things back in the day of Yahoo music was uploading 5 years of collecting physical CDs (several milk crates worth) into Yahoo music when moving overseas, and then not being able to access the content, and then losing it when discontinuing the subscription, including losing my own uploads. Would therefore never follow that model again.

  • The timing of this development is probably good news for... Spotify. I assume this will come up as the EU commission continues its review of Spotify's complaint.

  • Speaking with a long-term reality, who uses Apple Music in developing countries where they virtually have Android...Go global!!

  • “Apple Inc.’s streaming-music service has been adding subscribers in the world’s biggest music market more rapidly than its Swedish rival—a monthly growth rate of about 2.6% to 3%, compared with 1.5% to 2% for Spotify—the people said. Apple Music had more than 28 million subscribers in the U.S. as of February, compared with Spotify’s 26 million, the people said.”

  • iTunes has been such a shambles for so long, it's amazing to me that people still trust Apple to run their digital music experience.

  • Here is validation that Apple's new cross device services and subscription strategy is beginning to pay off

  • Apple Mu­sic now has more subscribers in the US than Spotify. It is also grow­ing faster glob­ally - about 2.4% to 2.8% month on month - com­pared with Spo­ti­fy’s 2% to 2.3%.

    The big difference is that Apple is content to offer music at break-even economics while Spotify is focused on trying to build a profitable business. Not an easy position for Spotify and the company is focused on diversifying beyond music for this exact reason.

  • As an Android user, I'm amazed. From a tech perspective, it's clear that Apple's dominance of the market as a premium company has allowed them to take over Spotify.

  • There's so much value in Spotify's recommendation and curated playlists. Especially now that more people are open to discovering new music instead of loyalty following a handful of artists.

    These metrics will be interesting to watch as iPhone sales slow (not that that means less Americans have iPhone in hand).

  • Music doesn’t have quite the same kind of network effects that social media and search have, which has left Spotify exposed. Apple, meanwhile, was a little late to leverage its platform in some instances, but it appears to be making up for lost time.

  • I'll admit, I'm surprised. This includes all the Spotify via Amazon Alexa and Google Home?

  • What happens when the iPhone starts to want faster than it has already?

  • This doesn’t surprise me. Spotify does playlist right, none of the other apps compare in my opinion. Sound quality is lousy though. I guess if you only listen to music on a phone speaker quality doesn’t matter.

  • I subscribe Apple music and Spotify. But I always use Apple Music.

    Apple Music recommend me the music that I liked.

  • Amazing news. Of course, I'm a paying member.

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