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These Tech Men Were Accused Of Past Sexual Misconduct. They All Have New Jobs.

By BuzzFeed News

Silicon Valley says it’s committed to improving diversity, but high-profile male executives accused of sexual misconduct are getting second chances. Some advocates are wondering whyRead full story


  • The legal system has not adapted to the post #metoo world as we hoped it would. If these men have not been charged and found guilty then why shouldn’t employers bring them on - employers are not capable of being the moral arbiters here and so have to follow the rule of innocent until proven guilty.

    #metoo happened as the legal system was failing victims. It still is.

  • I took $500k from Justin Caldbeck / Binary Capital and gave it back. It was a horrible experience where my name was dragged through the mud — but I still chose to give it back because I realized there are NO CONSEQUENCES for these bad actors. Ultimately, Silicon Valley values ROI over integrity. These guys are big wins for their investors who made their LPs (Limited Partners) a lot of money and so everybody looks the other way. We MUST create accountability or we’ll just continue to perpetuate bad actors. Guess how many people warned me about Binary Capital when I did diligence? Zero. The system has to change.

  • At the end of the day it's about business. These men are being offered positions, either promotions or lateral moves that leverage their business relationships, industry know-how and whether people want to admit it or not, their economic class and status. Whether it's court ordered counseling to modify behavior or voluntary admittance to past indiscretions and the promise of better behavior or Road to Damascus-like conversions, with the amount of money at risk in the Silicon Valley, all will be forgiven to ensure growth and profitability. #metoo is still a nascent movement, yet the fact that common courtesy and decent behavior has become a disturbingly partisan issue just proves there is a long road ahead for not just business, but the country as a whole to not just recognize the need for equality, but understand it's a crucial part of the social fabric.

  • I'll never forget the interview I did with a female founder who was so traumatized by the way she was treated by male VCs that she was still having flashbacks.

  • If they have been punished for their abhorrent behaviour.

    When I read the article, one line stood out, "we haven't terminated their careers."

    So is the goal to terminate behaviour or careers? I would think that ending sexually predatory behaviour should be the goal.

  • This is appalling and disheartening

  • Just as AI ethics is rising, so too must changes on people ethics.

  • No one should be treated like this. No one. What someone may bring into the organization on the short term is not worth the risks on the long term. We need to have accountability and follow through as talk is cheap yet actions ultimately matter. And no action for abhorrent behavior is not acceptable.

  • It is really important to separate diversity and inclusion, both of which are absolutely critical in tech because they drive breadth and depth of innovation and development, away from the behavior of these men. Both are definitely very important issues, and desperately need to be addressed, but it is really important to keep them separate and make sure that both are engaged for the right reasons. The actions of these men suggest severe issues and governance across the company and also across or through their value chain to their investors. That is reprehensible, but should not be lumped in with the need and importance of diversity and inclusion.

  • The law should hold the accused accountable if necessary, and empowered to do so. Vigilante justice is a very slippery slope. It might feel right but it isn't how a civilized society should conduct itself.

  • I understand the these people do wrong however they are people who need to make a living a living as well. They don’t deserve to be job less the rest of there life. There’s a difference between justice and revenge. Also its a not a lack of accountability but the constitutional right of no cruel and unusual punishment that dominates America culture.

  • For every non offensive nerd there seems to be an arrogant fool who believes that the simple possession of money and power justifies every action especially the bad.

    Vigilante justice won't work because then the predators become victims so it seems the only options are investigate for proof and litigate for dollars. When they have no money left living in a cardboard box under a freeway they might change.

  • I used to work at SOFI, Healdsburg office. These were more than just stories of misconduct. These were factual events that were witnessed by many and they happened.

    Former CEO started new company. That is why he has a job. Not just hired to a different company.

  • While I agree that this is appalling, at the same time: if there are no charges, there is no criminal scrutiny. If there is no conviction, there is no legal route to NOT hire someone.

    Social pressure only goes so far. You want to put the fire to people like this, you REALLY DO need to bring down the law. I dunno, maybe in the worst case we create an open source “predator” database, but then how to evaluate legitimate claims if there’s no criminal investigation? It just doesn’t work.

  • THIS: “it’s frustrating to watch investors go out of their way to give men who’ve done bad things in tech huge second chances, while they seem to have made much less effort to give other people first chances.”

  • I didn’t realize being ACCUSED was enough to destroy a career, what an age we live in.

  • I believe this is the case in a lot of industries. But more power to people who are fighting it!

  • As Omar would say, it's all about the benjamins, baby. Except in this case, it's actually appropriate.

  • Uber dude couldn't get laid at a convention! 😊😀😀😁😁😂😂🤣🤣

  • Horrible headline.

  • I y

  • It’s not just tech, sexual misconduct exists in every sector.

  • Reference check fail?

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