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This credit card won’t let you buy anything else after you’ve hit your annual carbon limit

By Fast Company

The Do Black card is a radical solution to expanding carbon footprintsRead full story


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  • John Gerzema
    John Gerzema proCEO at The Harris Poll

    This credit card won’t let you buy anything else after you’ve reached your carbon limit. Interesting carbon nudges are out there such as Shell has tied executive compensation to carbon targets. With new dire warnings about environmental threats to hundreds of species issued by scientists over the weekend, these ideas (in any form) are timely and urgent.

  • Martin Storbeck
    Martin Storbeck Founder & CEO at STARK Group

    They know we can get more than one credit card, right?

  • Henry Tobias Jones
    Henry Tobias JonesEditor of Dyson on: at Dyson

    That is an absolutely terrible idea. What are you supposed to do when you need to buy food?

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    What is the point of a card that you don't put your travel expenses and your wining and dining on? It is impossible to collect points if you do not spend. Moreover if a company or a foundation really wanted to make an impact on annual carbon limits, the best thing to do would be not to issue a card that will take a millennia to biodegrade. Positive incentivisation might be a better strategy to change the world.

  • This is an honorable idea, but I would just switch credit cards as soon as I hit my limit. Wouldn’t you?

  • S Katherine Clarke
    S Katherine ClarkeAtorney

    Truly an innovative idea for bringing stewardship of our resources down to the personally meaningful and accountable level!

  • So we probably won’t be earning points for miles rewards will we?

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