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Stop eating fish. It’s the only way to save the life in our seas

By the Guardian

If governments won’t take on the lethal fishing industry, we must, says Guardian columnist George MonbiotRead full story


  • A pick for another inconvenient truth. Fish has not been consumed in our house for years. As the author says right out the gate — if governments are too wound up in greed to take actual steps to stop the annihilation of the planet, then individuals must do what they can. This is a big one.

  • The only seafood I now eat: mussels. Grown right, mussels are carbon negative.

  • So rather than saying ‘fish is bad, stop eating it and save the world’, what needs to be addressed is the unregulated overfishing and environmental damage from that, along with restricting micro plastics, heavy metals (like mercury), and pollutants that make their way into the waters. The oceans can provide enough food to feed the world population twice over without harming the balanced ecosystem. The same cannot be said of traditional Big Agro farming which produces millions and millions of tons of methane, devastating environmental impact from waste runoff, vast amounts of water, and a huge footprint just to raise cattle, chickens, pork, etc. Even with vegetable farming, the environmental impact is large and costly...look at soy farms across the Midwest US or almond farms in a drought ridden California. Simply saying ‘stop eating fish’ is a short-sighted answer.

  • Yet again over population of humans on the earth is killing the oceans. The sea was never meant to provide food for a human population of over 9 billion people. Irresponsible populations with irresponsible fishing practices have depleted 90% of the world fisheries. Add global warming killing all the reefs and higher acid levels in the ocean will kill off all the shell fish. What we have done is created a disaster that will destroy must of the ocean in the next 100 years. It’s really sad to think that all the beautiful diversity of life in the ocean could one day be all gone. The ocean which was the mother of all life on this planet. All that life that has done so well for over 100s of millions of years destroyed by humans in the last few 100 years.

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