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Will passengers ever feel good about the 737 Max again?

By Quartz Membership

One of the greatest achievements of modern aviation is the relative ignorance of the passenger who steps onto the plane. Few who are not aviation geeks know the model or manufacturer of the aircraft they’ve booked, and even fewer would opt to book one aircraft over another. Until very recently, commercial aviation largely took thatRead full story


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  • Liz Webber
    Liz WebberNews curator at Quartz

    People tend to buy airline tickets based on price and whether the timing is convenient. But this time could be different. Everyone now knows the name 737 Max. It may all depend on what kind of a fix Boeing comes up with, and how transparent the process is for it to get approval to fly again.

  • These are probably the safest planes in the air following the hyper-analysis of their software. I would imagine their pilots are very attentive / freaked out while flying these 737 MAXs, as well.

  • Jay Lauf
    Jay LaufCEO at Quartz

    I would be shocked if the “revealed preference” dynamic doesn’t hold true here. Once the plane starts flying again people will get on it. If pilots feel safe enough to fly up passengers will feel safe enough to ride it.

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    Remember the Dc10 don't count on passenger ignorance.

  • William Arnold  Jones
    William Arnold Jones Retried

    Zero to One.

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