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Startup Launches To Combine All Of Your Credit And Debit Cards Into One Digital Card

By Forbes

Binji, a new fintech startup is crashing the banking party, launching a platform that rolls banking, peer-to-peer payments and a debit card with a digital display into one offeringRead full story


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  • This has been tried in the U.K. already with mixed success - the question is that nowadays we can store most of our cards on our phones via Apple Pay so is this really a solution looking for a problem?

  • It’s been at least 10 years of various start-ups trying to combine all cards into a single card. This one has a few new bits but I’m not confident it’s enough.

  • Fumi S
    Fumi SManagement consultant

    Definitely helpful if they make it. I also would like them to combine all of customer loyalty cards into the one in digital. One of the clear issues to implement this is how to address personal data problem including security matter. Many companies have invested in this area to improve service quality such as marketing management with big data as well as reliability from security. They have to have clear view on how to creat win-win situation between stakes holders.

  • james baty
    james batylarge scale systems analyst

    Interesting strategy but... it’s difficult to beat phone wallets for functionality. Binji’s biggest impact - it makes Apple Card look good 🙂

  • Sorry, this just seems like an identity theft waiting to happen. No thanks.

  • Renee Hopkins
    Renee Hopkins

    What could go wrong?!

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    No thank you....

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