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Bill de Blasio launches presidential bid: 'Donald Trump must be stopped'

By NBC News

"I’ve beaten [Trump] before, and I will do it again," de Blasio said in his announcement videoRead full story


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  • Bradley Tusk
    Bradley TuskproCEO at Tusk Ventures

    It makes total sense for him to run. He hates being Mayor (literally only works 25 hours/week). Loves to campaign. Loves to travel. The national press will treat him much better than the NYC press corps does. It’s a fun adventure, he still keeps collecting his pay as Mayor, he gets lots of attention, and when it ends, he goes back to Gracie Mansion. All upside.

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    The writing was on the wall when he hired Bernie Sanders 2016 strategist MIke Casca and his longtime spokesperson Eric Phillips left for a PR gig.

  • Umar Abdur-Rahim
    Umar Abdur-RahimBlogger at Blackplight Productions

    Everyone and their Mother is running for president. Makes me wonder do we just have a collection of narcissists running? #RealTalk

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    I guess Bill de Blasio hasn't seen the signs at his YMCA requesting for him to not run...

    Also this bit is funny in the NBC News report: "De Blasio is the last major candidate expected to enter the 2020 Democratic field, though surprise additions are always possible."

  • Neiman Catley
    Neiman Catleyowner at Blah Blah Co.

    This is getting comical. There might be one person running that is doing it for unselfish reasons... they're no better than Trump in that respect.

    This is the new GoT series with no dragons.

  • Steve Foerster
    Steve FoersterPresident at New World University

    No thanks. It's better if New York City remains a containment area for its authoritarian mayors... from both parties.

  • mike pouraryan
    mike pouraryanthe daily outsider

    He needs to focus on running 🏃‍♀️ his city

  • Spiro Pappadopoulos
    Spiro PappadopoulosCEO at Schlow Restaurant Group

    No chance.

  • Patricia Lynne
    Patricia Lynne

    I'll raise my Big Gulp to him this evening.

  • Tony Flip
    Tony Flip

    Anyone else? What are we up too now 30?

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    Many people in New York City itself continue to have the insane notion that he is running on the delusion that he is the only true voice of liberalism in the coming campaign. If he does not get nominated, he can save face saying he was more effective than a Super PAC and getting the voice of liberalism heard within the campaign conversation. The risk-reward or return on investment for that sort of effort and cost is mind-boggling, but this is a fairly common belief, especially among people on Wall Street.

  • Remember that particular week when I was pointing out and telling you about having seen this kind of news in the Mexico some years prior?

    Well, I am back with those kind of stories but the difference is that these PR individuals, or team of consultants are actually the ones who will be held responsible for all the damage made between the three countries (Mexico, the United States, and Canada) after 25 years of the first edition of NAFTA, which I think had a very aggressive contract regarding American companies...

  • Enrico Vassallo
    Enrico Vassallo

    The Clown car justs gets bigger. Let the show begin! God help America's inept ones!

  • Is there a different message corresponding to each candidate?

  • Mark Mallon
    Mark Mallon

    Great, as a NYC resident, I am so thrilled our mayor will work less than he already does.

    There is something eerily similar between de Blas and the Donald... both are blindly narcissistic revisionist egomaniacs.

  • Charles Keil
    Charles KeilIT

    Bill de Blasio could not beat any of the other 22 candidates in NYC never mind the rest of the country.

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