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Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal

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  • Lorena  Morales
    Lorena Morales Marketing at First RevOps consultancy

    I happen to be part of those underrepresented minorities and it still feels like the ones that will be hurting the most are the students. 😔

  • Soraya Darabi
    Soraya DarabiproGeneral Partner at Trail Mix Ventures

    This story becomes creepier by the day. Equal opportunity was created to level the playing field. I’m so saddened for minority high school students across America who work hard thinking they have a fair shot at success. They don’t.

  • TR Hummer
    TR HummerRetired

    Worse and worse. Maybe this will finally convince people that the "top" universities are not the bastions of excellence they are supposed to be. Having spent 40 years as a university professor at several different institutions, I came to realize this long ago.

  • Tessa Jackson
    Tessa JacksonFaubourg Advisers

    Combine this story with the recent arrests from the FBI's Operation TOEFL Recall (a very under-reported story), and the myths surrounding diversity admissions and academic merit start to crumble.

  • Art Monét
    Art MonétFounder | CEO at Art Monét Consulting

    Everybody wants to be a #minority until their body is filled with holes because they reached for their cell phone. Can you hear me now?? Good. #culturevultures

  • Catherine Tannahill
    Catherine Tannahillprof, teacher

    Gee. I can think of others who misrepresent ethnicity. I hope to see the same well-deserved outrage. This IS disgraceful.

  • Alexis Mijatovic
    Alexis Mijatovic

    Opportunity hoarding, unless it is dealt with, will worsen tensions already existing in our society.

  • Just when you thought the fun was over, they came out in what can only be called virtual black face.

  • Bethany Osborne
    Bethany OsborneUniversity of Michigan

    Disgusting -- typical USA self-styled entitleds!

  • Isaiah  R
    Isaiah R

    Why am I not shocked at this?

  • Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
    Anthony Duignan-CabreraCEO at ADC Strategy

    The fact that Singer did the following with a straight face: "Mr. Singer frequently gave families the option of misrepresenting race and would say that not doing so could put their child at a “competitive disadvantage,” said one of the people, who is familiar with his business," and that the parents bought into the myth that disadvantaged applicants were actually taking away openings for middle class to wealthy kids just shows how pervasive the racist trope of "quotas" is in the US.

  • Jonathan Greene
    Jonathan GreeneSVP of Marketing at Techstars

    As if this story wasn’t crazy enough.

  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas

    Worked for Elizabeth Warren.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    The education system from k-12 and into universities really needs a review and total overhaul. The education, the admissions, the administration need to refocus on what can deliver innovation and entrepreneurship for future generations.

  • This should, at the very least create a question about Meritocracy. Without an actually level playing field you simply have elitism. For all the talk of eschewing royalty and primogeniture in its formation, America certainly loves to reward privilege.

  • Of course. Considering some of the admission requirements these days, it's not just students that paid to be there who have claimed to have a minority claim to get in.

  • Dan Snook
    Dan Snook

    What’s new here? Greed? No. Avarice? No. Pride? No. Gluttony? Shall I go on? no

  • Joah Flood
    Joah FloodRenaissance Man

    Yes, we know. The wealthy use their power and prestige to cut in line. In America, we like to fool ourselves into believing this isn't the case; it's only human nature. #werealldoomed

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