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Who is Boris Johnson, the man set to be the next British PM?

By NBC News

A disheveled, divisive populist, Johnson is the bookmakers' favorite to take over as leader of the ruling Conservative PartyRead full story


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  • This is potentially a very scary situation. Highly divisive leaders - Johnson being at the heart of the brexit push and Trump, on either side of the pond. The “United” Kingdom, and The “United” States of America? Apparently not.

  • He’s not a populist, not until recently anyway. Far from it, he is academic, almost aristocratic, elitist even. His populism is a byproduct of his opportunism.

    I used to love this guy, a smart and fairly blunt speaker. Sadly, he has shown himself to be foremost among a rabble of politicians all too eager to mortgage the future of the country in exchange for a position of power.

  • While he is definitely amusing and interesting, his political prowess and campaigning are very different from his ability to execute. A simple example would be the bicycle scheme in London. Loved this idea but the self aggrandisement and implementation were appalling. He took full credit for the scheme (despite it having been proposed by his predecessor) as well as the execution as mayor but the implementation was in fact riddled with issues that were unresolved and his administration unresponsive.

  • He used to be the MP for Henley on Thames and he once jumped on a car dressed in a toga to protest against cutting Latin and ancient history from the education curriculum. Likes quoting Churchill. Bit eccentric.

  • So jokes, welfare and tax cut makes him a radical? You can sum up this article as " we don't like anyone who thinks different than we do" and save us time.

  • Boris Johnson would be very divisive if he were the PM. Johnson is a very racist man. I think he’s even worse than Theresa May.

  • Reading all the comments, ... He sounds eerily familar to a person across the pond....

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