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Apple announces all-new redesigned Mac Pro, starting at $5,999

By The Verge

The most powerful Mac is staging a comeback this fallRead full story


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  • Kudos to Apple for trying to introduce luxury auto pricing strategy to the computer industry, by essentially creating the Mercedes-Maybach of desktop computers. Unfortunately for them, computers are productivity tools, and not aspirational luxury goods.

  • Not an Apple user but the new Mac Pro is a beast: 1.4kW power supply, 1.5TB memory storage, 6K display. And a $1,000 stand (that's extra, because Apple.)

  • You can get twice as good a PC for half the price.

  • Yesterday was and today continues to be a sad day for Apple. No exciting innovation; not a cool style; and now a declining brand. Their greatest innovation since the iPad has been price increases. That’s the issue with a product company. And to think it was a ~trillion cap company few weeks ago. Down goes Frazier

  • It STARTS at $6K and the verge estimates the top Spec’d version could cost THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS:

  • Always good to have an outlier aspirational product when you have a loyal customer base. Not worth getting worked up over the price because you’re not going to buy one anyway.

  • The new redesigned Mac pro can spec out up to the price of a really very nice car ($35k+). Even at the starting price of $6,000 it will be impressive to watch how much sell through will come by Christmas. More interesting will be to see at what levels the components inside will be subject to what sorts of tariffs and how those calculations and trace audits will be managed across the supply chain.

  • The "cheese grater" Apple Mac Pro is really advancing computer technology again. I will admire it at my friends' desk who cannot resist it. Not anyone can afford 6.000 $ to get it.

  • They had me at "it has a headphone jack"

  • Gross.

  • Or... You can get the same amount of RAM and processing power in the cloud for a fraction of the price and for only as long as you need it...

    Seems like a marketing ploy to cause people to think the lower powered macs share the same capabilities...

  • Watching the unveiling of Mac pro is like watching a supercar. You know you can't afford it (or justify buying it), but it's fascinating seeing Apple try to build the fastest desktop in the world.

  • I honestly fell sad for Apple. They revolutionized entire markets (and the world) with the iPod, iPad, iPhone and the ecosystem around them.

    Now, it's just a company that sells overpriced stuff...

    Tim Cook maybe an awesome CEO, but he's no innovator...

    And Apple needs to find the innovation seed, someplace else.

  • How expensive new Mac Pro is! But people who work for professional design firm will buy it.

    Design of Mac Pro often changed recently.

    This design looks like cooking equipment.

  • It is as always with Macs vastly overpriced at the low end, and who knows how much at the high end. That said, if someone gave me a maxed out version I wouldn't turn it down.

  • They say professional use...we say gaming juggernaut 🤩

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