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Senate Republicans Hint at Overriding Any Trump Veto on Tariffs

By Bloomberg

Top Senate Republicans warned the Trump administration Monday that Congress could reclaim its tariff powers or hold up a new North American free trade deal if the White House carries out its threat to impose tariffs on Mexican imports because of immigration policy disagreementsRead full story


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  • But that is your boy Grassley.

    These guys only go into panic mode when they know it is going to affect money that the 1% and the rich have interest in. It is not the fact that it hurts us as the American people. They can careless about the Middle and Lower class.

  • The concentration of political power in the executive is an interesting phenomenon that has had it's envelope pushed farther and farther since President Obama. The dissent in the GOP and it's related personalities, including President Trump himself as a personality is less interesting than the process and the direction of the consolidation in power and the implications for the checks and balances from the Constitution and Federalist papers.

  • A lot of hot air. They are too afraid of the new Republican party of Trump as evidenced by their past actions. They are all Sycophants of Trump, Graham being the biggest one in the Senate.

  • "unless the country’s government takes unspecified steps to curb illegal migration to the U.S.

    The tariff could rise to as high as 25% by October unless Mexico takes sufficient action, as judged by the president."

    Unspecified steps? As judged by the president? Noooo, DEFINITELY NOT an autoritarian despot.


  • What Congress needs to do is strip the presidents power in this regard (and others). The office really is one step away from facist power these days, all it would take is a 'real' emergency.

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