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Will AI Reduce Gender Bias in Hiring?

By Harvard Business Review

It’s a useful — but imperfect — toolRead full story


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  • Reshma Saujani
    Reshma SaujaniproFounder and CEO at Girls Who Code

    The only way we will see a AI reduce Gender Bias is if the database teaching these systems is unbiased.

    The beliefs we share as a society will be exponentially perpetuated through automation unless we mindfully train these systems from the start. This isn't something we will be able to retroactively correct.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    To Reshma's point, artificial intelligence, even with using supervised machine learning is very unlikely to not exhibit bias, especially gender bias in hiring. Moreover because of the adaptive nature of AI, the result is that the bias is actually going to be amplified because the data analytics becomes a force multiplier. Counter-intuitively, artificial intelligence does not exhibit governance traits of being diverse or inclusive.

  • AI can simply stop reading data related to gender and only focus on competencies required for a candidate to be successful at a particular company or position. Hiring requirements are not one-size-fit-all, so there is no point of checking gender itself.

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    Before any discussion can be had about AI and hiring bias there has to be a review of nepotism in hiring

    It is easy to understand the children of a business owner getting preference but in the corporate sector what percentage of good possible are filled by children of friends and business associates . Is nepotism even recognized as an issue?

  • Helen Edwards
    Helen EdwardsAlways curious at Koru Ventures

    Completely counter-intuitively, the only way to have any shot of de-biasing AI is to teach it what discrimination is first. The big problem with not training the algorithm on the suspect variables first is proxy discrimination - where the AI finds correlations in variables that are not discriminatory but are proxies for the discriminatory variable. This whole subject is fiendishly complex and it feels like people are running with completely imperfect solutions and not enough training for them to intervene effectively when they need to.

  • Roger Chua
    Roger Chua

    AI is as bias or unbiased as human. Garbage in, garbage out.

    One great utility of tapping AI in hiring is emotion will be eliminated. (Assume robot is employed as the interviewer).

    Otherwise, AI is another great tool but an imperfect one for hiring process.

  • Simone Escutin
    Simone EscutinMcGill University

    This makes me question the effectiveness of interview processes in hiring, and how indicative they are(n’t) of what the candidate has to offer. It’s amazing that AI functions as a veil of ignorance, especially for processes such as these where intuition and inherent biases prevail as a result.

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