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IAG signals intent to buy 200 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft

By Agence France-Presse

Paris (AFP) - US aircraft giant Boeing and British Airways owner International Airlines Group have sRead full story


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  • Gene Daily
    Gene DailyAuthor

    I joined the military in 1968 as a helicopter crewman. I learned a great deal from that time. One vital ingredient in safety is experience. The Ethiopian pilots were far short of that element.

    Boeing has acknowledged the deficiencies in the technology involved and I'm confident that solutions will be found which will alleviate those concerns.

    Air travel is one of the safest forms of travel currently in use.

  • Patrick Lundstrom
    Patrick Lundstrom

    I am not flying with a Boeing 737 Max, period. They must have gotten a really good deal to play with human lives like that.

  • Short of a software “oversight” issue and having both secondary sensors and actual pilot control in as a de facto operational standard, this also means for a firm proof that systems have returned to their proper operational alignments, that pilots might actually do what they are/will be trained to do: fly the plane and correct inordinate flight problems. We should not blow something out of the proportion, as tragic for everyone as the accidents were, beyond fixing and accepting where the mishaps occurred.

  • James Strange
    James Strange

    I wonder if they got a huge discount

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    The entire debacle is a technology ethics or AI ethics issue and making such a sale only exacerbates the ethical issues surrounding the entire fiasco.

  • Alex Cezar
    Alex CezarInformation Security/Cloud Professional

    This Boeing 737 Max Sales team must be good!!!

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