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US confirms drone was shot down by Iranian missile

By BBC News

It happened over the Strait of Hormuz, amid soaring tensions between the US and IranRead full story


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  • Another Iranian provocation designed to unsettle but not trigger war.

    But the more Iran takes risky acts like this, the more likely an accident happens (i.e. casualties) that forces Trump hand, whether he personally wants to go to war with Tehran or not.

    Which, to be clear, he doesn’t.

  • For the most part, nations never truly sleepwalk into war. However, the situation between the US and Iran certainly feels like it.

  • Iran sure knows how to push buttons. Sadly, I now fear we are headed to a war that will be extremely costly in terms of life. Have we not learned anything from Iraq? Had Iran not learned anything from the failures of the 79 revolution? When will this end? Or is this the manifestation of Huntington’s clash of civilizations?

  • Excellent take on the event.

    I personally find drones to be way more trouble than they're worth and we should retire them. It's just too easy for us to use them recklessly due to the lack of a human life being in the pilot seat.

  • And President Trump was just asked about the US response. "Mr. President, will you strike Iran?" He said we "will soon find out."

  • Better a drone than a pilot.

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