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The smart home remains frustratingly dumb

By Quartz

Sometimes it feels like the smart home is more trouble than it’s worthRead full story


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  • Ryan Dorrell
    Ryan DorrellChief Solutions Officer at AgileThought

    My spouse so badly wants a "smart home" but the usability and security of these solutions is still just awful.

  • C Hardaker
    C HardakerHead of Producr at YEAY

    Having built my own automation because of this exact frustration, it is scary how little companies learn from the past.

    Remember, back in the day, Microsoft came up with a simple solution for resetting? And it was eventually referred to as the 3 fingered salute?

    So, if the UX sucks at the worst of time, you don’t deserve your customers at the best of times.

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    If you are health: Walk 10 feet flip switch. Use timers for security and if you feel totally decadent remember the clapper?

    Just waiting for the day when the kiddie hackers revive a hi tech nicky knock door game.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    Had IBM OS2 Warp running as a server for 11 years without ever resetting, knocked out only by power failure in a typhoon. For pervasive computing to really take off and cross the chasm it is going to need to hit these levels of resilience. Light bulbs with complicated reset procedures are hilarious, laughable.

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