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Olympic Games Are Getting More Competitive for Advertisers

By The Wall Street Journal

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  • Sponsoring live sport like the Olympics may be getting expensive, but brands will be hard pressed to find better opportunities to reach over half of the global population at once.

  • Elisa Vazquez
    Elisa VazquezMarketing Manager at Kellytoy

    If Coke is suddenly going halfsies - it might not be worth that 15% jump in cost.

    The Olympics are obviously, well the Olympics, but when the previous reigning champ of beverages decides to share that have to wonder what’s coming down the road.

    Will more brands share sponsorships? And is it for the financial need or that they see it’s not what it used to be worth from a bigger picture?

    Half the world watches but what is the ROI of that 15%?

  • Eric Artisan
    Eric ArtisanManaging Director at Artisan Venture

    You can’t Netflix the Olympics and that’s what makes it more valuable vs the past. With record or near record corporate profits, advertising during the Olympics is almost. No brained. The reach is second to known. Would be interesting - however - to see the ROI on the advertisements.

  • With more than half the worlds population watching, it is an exciting option for advertisers as the reach is unprecedented. Not sure ROI matches the ad spending or not, as this might be one of the reasons Coca Cola is entering into a partnership with Mengniu

  • James Cakmak
    James CakmakEntrepreneur | Tech Analyst

    Live sports is on its last legs. Sure you can argue that the Olympics is an exception, but it’s critical to realize how much consumption patterns are changing. And will continue to do so in a logarithmic fashion. Look no further than the 5% of cable customers cutting the cord each year, contrasted against the explosion of data usage on the smartphone. Better off going with Facebook and Google to advertise against the highlights.

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    Costs for advertising during the Olympic Games basically tripled since 2013-2016, which leads to Coca Cola's sponsorship partnership with Mengniu.

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    With the interest in international sports growing the Olympic games and Fifa lasting day generate a lot of views especially for high value products. The world watches these events.

  • Blake Page
    Blake Page

    As a kid who loved watching every second of the Olympics....the commercialization of it has made me not watch a second of it for the last 3 to 4 Olympic cycles.

    And I havent missed it at all.

  • Christopher Ready
    Christopher ReadySenior Director, Programmatic Media

    The analytics doesn’t prove that these sponsorships are worth it in terms of ROI, increased awareness, etc.

    And the olympics today are covered so differently, since everything is available online and prime time coverage is just highlights and dramatized athlete bios

  • Peter Bernotas
    Peter Bernotas


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