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Instagram head says company is evaluating how to handle deepfakes


Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the photo-sharing platform is still figuring out how to address doctored videos, also known as deepfakesRead full story


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  • Nihal Mehta
    Nihal MehtaGP at eniac

    The tech to solve this is not trivial. If you find a team working on it please send to us @ Eniac as we are very interested in investing in the deep fake detection space.

  • Dr Gail Barnes
    Dr Gail BarnesPartner at Personify LLC

    Instagram head Adam Mosseri said the photo-sharing platform is still figuring out how to address doctored videos, also known as deepfakes.

    "We don't have a policy against deepfakes currently," Mosseri told CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King in an interview that aired Tuesday. "We're trying to evaluate if we wanted to do that and if so, how you would define deepfakes."

  • Mike Osswald
    Mike OsswaldExperience Innovator

    It’s high time for social companies to step up to their responsibilities. No one should believe they have our best interests in mind, but having defined principles over their role in helping disseminate propaganda can’t hurt. Of course they want to stave off regulation, or at least get ahead of what’s coming.

  • Victor Anthony
    Victor AnthonyInternet Equity Analyst at Aegis Capital

    The first part of working on finding the content quickly I 100% get. The second part on whether to remove it should be simple - if its determined that the video is a deep fake, remove it. Imagine if it's deep fakes of world leaders promising war???

  • Timo Kämäräinen
    Timo KämäräinenExecutive Online Producer at Yle

    Handling deep fake videos will get even harder in future.

  • Jonathan Bell
    Jonathan Bell

    This problem is only going to get worse. The reluctance of big tech to address it is a result of the law that exempts them for responsibility for what is posted on their sites. Should we walk that law back a bit?

  • David Yakobovitch
    David YakobovitchAI Professor at Galvanize

    Solving deep fakes is a two part problem: detection and or authentication. Which direction will Instagram ultimately go?

  • Are we still talking and using this app???

  • Perry Cousin
    Perry Cousin

    Its simple really ... Fake videos doctored to scam us need to be charged by the law ... All content deep fake should be eliminated researched and authorities notified when scams are involved ... Big money made and no reason employees out of computer and imaging courses hired to do this very thing.

  • Chris McCauley
    Chris McCauleySoftware Engineer

    Deep fake videos will be big problem. Most people can’t distinguish original from fake.

    Platform have to develop how to figure out fake video. I think that It is difficult and challenging objective.

  • Patty Magnee
    Patty Magnee

    Happens quite often, I think, especially if it's something political

  • Wayne Biszick
    Wayne BiszickCEO at Website Tour Guides

    Think fact-checking.

  • Norman

    Headed in the right direction

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