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Women's World Cup Final Draws Bigger Audience Than 2018 Men's Final

By The Hollywood Reporter

The United States' 2-0 victory over the Netherlands is the highest-rated soccer telecast in the United States since the 2015 women's finalRead full story


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  • During the celebration, fans chanted not only “USA,” but “equal pay!” Congratulations to the team for not only their win on the pitch, but making a difference with their voices.

  • It’s a rare and sweet moment where we can all be proud about a win. Long live sport. Now let’s see how they move forward from here. A group of beautiful and talented women with a lot of star power and let’s not forget political/economic power on a global scale. Do they use it for some good or flush it down the toilet? #🇺🇸

  • Max Lockie
    Max LockiePlatform Editor at Quartz

    what a perfect model for public policy paying off in unexpected ways. if you fund women's sports at the collegiate level - you not only develop a youth pipeline competing for scholarships - but you get to beat the world every four years. 🇺🇸

  • A well deserved win, I hope to see them continue to be leaders for young women in strength, positivity and encouragement that boundaries can be broken.

  • Great win over a gritty Nederland team. These women are amazing and a great representation of our country!

  • I liked the comment about lessons in Public Policy. If you support an initiative with proper funding — sports for young women in this case — you win. How many other areas can one jumpstart and support systematically in this manner? Says a lot about how one can make education policy that allows the best to emerge regardless of income, to deliver sustained and spectacular results. Well done team USA!

  • Dr Gail Barnes
    Dr Gail BarnesPartner at Personify LLC


  • Catherine Tannahill
    Catherine Tannahillprof, teacher

    I an glad they won. I hope they handle their victory with grace.

  • Gene Daily
    Gene DailyAuthor

    A magnificent game won by a magnificent team.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    Fantastic. KUDOS!! A proud moment and a really well deserving team.


    Congrats!! Netherlands was "Eye of the storm" I hope that Japan will be champion again in next WC.

  • Soccer Star
    Soccer Star

    USA! USA! USA! We won another rightly deserved World Cup!

  • John Gray
    John GrayFormer Banker Risk Management

    The US team was certainly the class of the field and deserves the accolades and hopefully the financial rewards. Equality for national teams should be a given not the result of lawsuits. The fact that the audience for the games is so huge makes any argument against equality wrong

  • Vernon Lallman
    Vernon LallmanRealty Ops at Walmart

    A proud moment for our country. Let's not politicize.

  • Peter Eliot
    Peter Eliot

    It was a very exciting game.

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