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Samsung unveils the gigantic Note 10 and Note 10+

By Quartz

Samsung’s latest large phones could be a big hitRead full story


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  • Mike Murphy
    Mike MurphyTechnology Editor at Quartz

    I recently got to spend some time with the new Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+ devices, which were just announced today. These things are massive, both literally, and philosophically. They have giant displays, huge storage capacities, and a ton of memory. With a combination of new software, the revamped S Pen stylus, and the sheer power the new Notes have, these could be the only devices you need in your daily life.

  • I’m honestly not convinced that these devices (or similar competitors) are going to take off, for a very simple reason: they’re too big to comfortably put in your pocket like a phone, and significantly smaller than an actual tablet or laptop, yet they seem intended to replace both.

    Isn’t it going to be awful trying to hold one up to your ear to make a phone call? What does this do that the combination of a phone and a laptop/tablet doesn’t do better? I just don’t think many people really need or want a device like this.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    Currently using a 6in screen already, and with more processing and memory power than this device (Asus rog with 500 gig memory) the biggest difference will be the weight the device, as the size of the device does not matter too much unless you try to shove it into jeans. These size devices fit very well into suits or slacks front pockets.

  • David Yakobovitch
    David YakobovitchAI Professor at Galvanize

    I love phones that are faster, with bigger battery life. However, I think phones that flip in half and expand are better for space saving pockets.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis MartinezClub DJ

    I think the market is going to get tired of the bigness and will coalesce into the ease of use. In which apples iOS rules.

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