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AOL held talks to buy YouTube, Facebook in 2006, ex-CEO reveals


Former AOL CEO Jon Miller revealed to CNBC that he held talks to acquire both YouTube and Facebook in 2006 but never got support from the Time Warner board to close the dealsRead full story


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  • Victor Anthony
    Victor AnthonyInternet Equity Analyst at Aegis Capital

    Old media CEOs and Board members lack vision so none of this is suprising. Now they are all playing catch up to Netflix today, whereas a decade ago we in the Analyst community were telling them to buy Netflix or create a competitor.

  • Eric Artisan
    Eric ArtisanManaging Director at Artisan Venture

    Talk about missed the boat. Should have paid whatever it took to get either done. And hence AOL and YHOO are dead.

  • Rebekah Paul
    Rebekah PaulB2B Marketing

    We should count ourselves lucky that they didn't. They would have run it into the ground.

  • Brad Ungar
    Brad UngarCEO & Founder at Save On Cannabis

    I could’ve been a millionaire at 18 if the first lottery ticket I bought had been a winner.

    Now the question would be to Chad/Steven, is if they would’ve sold YouTube to AOL if offered the same money Google offered? I mean Zuck wasn’t going to sell to anyone anyway no matter the money.

  • Weiyee IN
    Weiyee INChief Strategy Officer

    Counter-intuitively given the track record that these companies have had in destroying value at the economic model level as well as fundamental shareholder value, it is a fortunate thing that they never engaged. It would have destroyed a mega trend and a social phenomenon, unbelievable looking back at the company that brought us "You've got mail" and missed the value creation as the front runner of Hotmail, Gmail and now Outlook online. One of the saddest woulda coulda shoulda stories in the tech universe of our generation.

  • Jeff Chau
    Jeff ChauFounder/CEO at gamegether, inc

    LOL and AOL should be like copy and Xerox or search and Google 🤣

  • Patrick deHahn
    Patrick deHahnNews curator at Quartz

    Tencent—behind WeChat—too!

    Can you imagine where AOL would be today if they did these investments? One might think they'd face antitrust challenges like Facebook is today.

  • Paul O'Brien
    Paul O'BrienCEO at MediaTech Ventures

    Look let's just make sure everyone is aware this... Every major internet company, at some point, has talks to acquire every other growing internet company. I don't see how this is headline news.

  • Timo Kämäräinen
    Timo KämäräinenExecutive Online Producer at Yle

    Imagine the world with Facebook and YouTube by AOL. Ideas? Actually it is possible and even likely both would have vanished to the sidenotes of internet history.

  • Kinan  Suchaovanich
    Kinan SuchaovanichSenior Director at Visa

    As Beverley Knight wisely put it “shoulda woulda coulda.”

  • Pen Guin
    Pen Guin

    AOL would have ended up killing YouTube and Facebook.

    Look at how Yahoo killed off Flickr and Tumblr.

  • Bryan Stephan
    Bryan StephanPatagonia Inc.


  • De’Andre Crenshaw
    De’Andre CrenshawRetail Managment at CVS Pharmacy

    Probably for the best considering how badly AOL was ran.

  • Walter Gilbert
    Walter Gilbert

    Wow... Is all that can be said

  • Laurent P
    Laurent P

    AOL held talks to buy YouTube, Facebook in 2006

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