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Consider going dry this January. A growing number of people around the world are pledging to go alcohol-free in the first month of the year. Quartz's Sarah Todd writes that the experiment can be fun, but only if you reframe your approach to deprivation.

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  • My editor, Kira, also raised an interesting question: Could "Dark Januaries" wind up being the new "Dry January," in which people give up TV streaming for a month? I'd love to give that a try this year, too.

  • "Abstaining can also be a form of self-discovery. So often we fall into a particular pattern or behavior not because we’ve actively chosen it, or because it makes us happy, but because it’s become the default."

    This lovely piece makes me wonder about other ways we might question or reset our "default" settings.

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  • The thing is, for some, to justify giving up something requires a myriad of quantitative indicators to convince. Otherwise, a night of fun would not be so bad at all. 😛

  • Over the last couple of years, I've taken a couple of months per year off drinking (usually February and July) and I wholly agree with the author's points! The toughest part can be continuing to attend social events where alcohol is served, but that's getting easier as more alcohol-free alternatives become available.