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Amazon Key: Will Consumers Finally Draw the Line?

By Barron's

The e-commerce giant is now offering in-home deliveries. The price is only your privacy and the actual keys to your homeRead full story


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  • If I'm gonna let Amazon in my house I want them to be able to fix me a cocktail. Alexa?

  • Amazon seems to think that just because you "trust" your delivery person to leave a package on your doorstep, you should trust him to unlock your door and leave the package inside your house.

  • “Amazon is suggesting that the trust involved in welcoming a person onto your sidewalk or pulling up to your driveway is equal to the trust needed to welcome that person into your home, even when no one is there. A skeptical consumer might not agree.”

  • I don’t think Amazon believe any line will be draw, and they will continue to push consumer behaviour.

  • Alas, the answer to this question only depends on what we get in return. We already give Facebook 24/7 access. The irony: we are the product being sold to advertisers — not the other way around.

  • Apparently this development will lead to "peace of mind". Hard not to be skeptical but at this point consumers have already handed over the keys to their personal lives....why not the actual keys to the front door too.

  • Can I just have a personal Amazon locker - but at my house? (A lockable closet. But outside.)

    Also, $250 is a steep price for this service.

  • In the end, everyone wants a doorman.

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