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Snap wants Grandma to join the millennials on Snapchat

By MarketWatch

After reporting yet more substantial losses and lack of user growth Tuesday, Snap Chief Executive Evan Spiegel said that the app would be redesigned in an effort to bring in new usersRead full story


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  • Interesting. Doubt investors will have much patience in the short term for things that’ll immediately disrupt the business, given that Snap’s issues go beyond app design.

  • Not sure younger generation wants to use the same app that grand parents use...

    Facebook in Japan is now somewhat perceived as "pop/mom generation SNS" and some younger generation not preferring to use it.

  • I haven't met a lot of grandmothers that I can see becoming heavy users of Snapchat. Facebook, you can understand: At its heart, it's about updating friends and family on the latest events in your life with simple text and photos. That's pretty timeless and universal and doesn't require a lot of thinking or training to get your head around. Shapchat (to its credit) is an entirely new kind of communication tool -- both the creation and the consumption of Snaps -- that is not going to be intuitive or grabby for 70 and 80 year olds.

  • This smacks of desperation to me. Didn't they lose 20% in after hours trading last night? Earnings miss, yes, but perhaps also investors suspect a company that has lost its way.

    Snap has a long way to go before they're in serious crisis, but the catalyst for growth seems to elude them. I doubt that a massive redesign to attract the exact opposite demographic than their core supporters is the right way forward.

  • Snap finally coming around to make Snapchat easier to use. Could benefit even those of us who are not Grandmas.

  • This is riskier than it sounds, “adult proofing” Snapchat could alienate the younger demo that has embraced the platform. It’s something of an identity crisis and a worrisome pivot for a company that’s gone public.

  • Mark my words: This company will be taken private or acquired before long.

  • Forget grandma, Snap will be lucky to get mom or dad -- Kai Ryssdal just had an excellent bit on Snap and ended with "I still don't get Snapchat" --he's not alone.

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