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Netflix’s ‘Bright’ reached 11M viewers in its first three days, according to Nielsen

By TechCrunch

 Netflix spent $90 million on the production of Bright, an unlikely hybrid of buddy cop movie and high fantasy. Will that investment pay off? Well, Nielsen has released some initial viewership numbRead full story


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  • Even if the numbers are not entirely accurate, this is a big win for nextflix—proving that their strategy of original content is drawing the wide audience they hoped for.

    The problem for streaming services is that because the content can be consumed all at once, the speed of production must increase to keep up with consumer demand. Networks have weeks of contents for ever season.

    Netflix set the bar high with stranger things and it’s on them to deliver new content that not only keeps existing subscribers happy, but adds new subscribers.

  • I couldn’t believe Netflix spent 90 million dollars on a movie. I watched it and it’s a pretty good movie but I just kept wondering how they are going to get their money back on that price tag. Something I like about them is their commitment to original content that people enjoy. They are spending a lot of money to do it but they are at least accomplishing the goal of getting the best original content that will be valuable in the long run.

  • I really enjoyed “Bright”. I thought the story was good but loved the larger world. Can’t wait to see more about it. Netflix has been doing a great job with content. I don’t like everything but enjoy enough to keep me busy.

  • My wife just drew me in to her holiday binge of “The Crown,” so yeah...I’d say the whole original content thing is kinda working...

  • Does the director of a $90 million movie really want it to be watched on a smartphone?

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