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Iceland just made it illegal to pay men more than women

By mirror

Firms that employ more than 25 people must now obtain a government certificate demonstrating pay equality, or they will face finesRead full story


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  • Nicholas Finegold
    Nicholas FinegoldFounder at

    Not sure how this is legally enforceable given that not all men are paid the same as other men and not all women are paid the same as other women ?

  • Dan Colarusso
    Dan ColarussoExecutive Editor, Digital at Reuters

    Think it’s a really good move, and more likely to succeed because of the size of the economy there. Could it work in the US or India? Dunno. Wouldn’t be terrible to see either one industry or some corner of govt employment step up to try it here. More vitality in labor unions could’ve helped but fear that isn’t a growth area in the US.

  • Marcela  Sapone
    Marcela SaponeCo-Founder & CEO at Hello Alfred

    Nordic countries are doing more to eliminate and socialize the very real gender pay gap. Interesting that 25 is the number of people you need to start reporting. We should make the average pay, gap and gender splits part of a company tear sheet. It's material

  • Also a great way to crack down on tax evasion!

  • Laurel Touby
    Laurel ToubyManaging Partner/GM at Supernode Ventures

    How can I not “pick” this one?

  • Ken Breen
    Ken BreenDow Jones


  • This sounds like a Black Mirror episode waiting to happen. One of the sure ways to solve this is simply to make positions and titles carry consistent pay, rather than paying based off of what the person made at their last job (which keeps people earning less than they should from a legacy standpoint).

  • Mark  White
    Mark White Founder at White Label Media

    Love the concept but the execution and parameters sound tricky. Also it’s the Mirror reporting...

  • Freya Williams
    Freya Williams CEO futerra USA

    Iceland is a very cool place.

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