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Children struggle to hold pencils due to too much tech, doctors say

By the Guardian

Children need opportunities to develop hand strength and dexterity needed to hold pencilsRead full story


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  • Wait...what? 😂😂😂 I'm in a classroom everyday and no child has ever complained to me about not being able to hold a pencil. Also, like mine, most urban public schools don't have access to tablets for convenient learning so I'm not sure what kids these doctors are concerned about.

  • The solution is clearly to create a thumb pencil. Solved.

  • Not just children. I'll admit my own penmanship has gone downhill since keyboards and touch screens became the standards for written communication.

  • Yet another unintended consequence brought to you by tech world?

  • Penmanship is becoming a lost art and it’s no surprise that the younger generations will struggle with this more than ever. Tablets make it easier and more convenient for learning, but it is fundamental that children learn the discipline and the technique of writing by hand. If they can learn how to read, they should also learn how to write the letters without a keyboard.

  • I have a 4 year old that isn’t at school yet and has no problem holding a pencil. Maybe she is unique but I haven’t seen it with her friends either. Are we coming up with any reason to dislike tech?

  • This feels like an Onion story: Not to be a naysayer, but just how much hand strength and dexterity is really required to hold a pencil and write a paragraph of text? Kind of hard to imagine that in just a few years our hand strength has declined so much that we, as humans, can no longer do that. It's not like we no longer use our fingers and hands for things.

  • Hand them paint brushes!

  • Sad that these kids will never know the joy of a cartridge quill pen exploding in their blazer pocket. I wasn't born in the 19th century FYI just grew up in a somewhat eccentric country.

  • Would love to see data on whether or not children can alternatively hold a stylus with ease..

  • Wow...I never knew there was such a problem. A six-year-old needing weekly sessions with an occupational therapist seems a bit extreme. I thought most children started school with cavemen-like grip of their crayons/pencils. Mine certainly did.

    What is lost is the art of penmanship, though. My daughter no longer holds her pencil like a caveman, but her writing certainly looks like it could’ve been written by a caveman!

  • What's next in this too much tech trend for children - children no longer know how to write!?

    I wonder if children still learn cursive in school...

  • What will they need pencils for?

  • Unacceptable face of tech...

  • That's it! I'm taking my kids tomorrow for some old fashioned lumberjacking and build'em a few much needed biceps..

  • Yes very true

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