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How Does Chicago Make $200 Million A Year On Parking Tickets? By Bankrupting Thousands of Drivers.

By Mother Jones

Ticket debt hits poor, black neighborhoods the hardestRead full story


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  • Ian Myers
    Ian MyersFounder at Country House Enterprises

    This is a problem of incentives and the city has done an extremely good job of setting itself up for failure. 7% of the budget is not easily wiped away or redistributed and so city officials have little motivation to fix this issue.

    As bad is it gets for the residents of Chicago’s poorer neighborhoods, in the minds of the city the damage would be much worse for everyone with a giant hole in the budget.

    Perhaps the only solution is for a candidate to run largely on fixing this issue so it cannot be avoided.

  • Stephanie  Schierholz
    Stephanie Schierholz Space Communicator

    A serious issue we as a society need to address: "part of a broader trend of local governments using “systems that were made to ensure the public safety as revenue generators.'"

  • John Rampton
    John RamptonFounder at Due

    Imagine what happens when most of those cars move from drivers to autonomous Uber’s in the next 10 years. What happens to the cities relying on this money! Answer - they cut jobs or go broke.

  • Andrew P. Kingsbury
    Andrew P. KingsburyPolitics Editor at Quibbl

    It's a travesty that states and municipalities rely so heavily on police officers and parking enforcement officers as methods to make up for revenue shortfalls.

    While I lived in California, this was a blatently evident means for collecting revenue.

  • Always felt that parking fees and enforcement in Chicago were way too heavy-headed. Here’s proof of the negative effects.

  • Edna Rein
    Edna ReinMcGill University

    Where are the think tanks and community-minded celebrities? It's a problem to be solved. People need cheap safe transportation to get to work. Some have debts and need help paying them. This should not be insurmountable, especially if in the short term a little help will get them on track. We can't help everyone but if a few get assistance and move forward, then we see progress. Come on. Let's do something.

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